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Analytics & Reporting

Your customer marketing command centre.

Track, measure, report on and optimize all aspects of your customer marketing strategy.

Email Reporting

Email performance reports

Track all the metrics you need, including opens, clicks, review generation and UGC submission across any time period to create custom reports you can save for later.

Graph with email reporting for Open rate, Click rate, Review rate and UGC rate
Ratings and reviews of customers

Ratings & Reviews

Measure customer feedback at scale

Easy access to the performance questions which matter, such as:

  • How many positive reviews did you generate last month?
  • Was your latest product launch well received by customers?
  • Did that latest tweak to the media reminder email increase UGC generation?

Answer all these questions and more with Okendo’s enterprise-level reporting suite.

Attribute Analysis

Go (really) deep with attribute analysis

Cross-reference ratings & reviews data with structured attribute data to understand customer feedback across specific customer segments, product groups and time scales.

Boxes with filters for group, attribute and product
Graph with Revenue, AOV & Repeat Purchases for sales


Prove your ROI

Integrate Okendo with Google Analytics Ecommerce Tracking to measure the impact of reviews and UGC on key metrics such as conversion rates and average order values.

500+ of Shopify’s fastest growing brands trust Okendo for growth

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