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Sans Drinks Customer Story

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After Founder Irene Falcone launched her natural beauty brand, Nourished Life, to disrupt the cosmetics industry with less-toxic products, she realized her wellness journey wasn’t done. Now, she is also the founder of Sans Drinks, a beverage company dedicated to providing shoppers with a wider array of non-alcoholic choices. A growing number of Australian consumers are being mindful of how much alcohol they consume, making Sans Drinks a welcome presence in the DTC food and drink space.

Part of Sans Drinks’ mission is to normalize alcohol-free refreshments. To accomplish this goal, social proof is an integral part of its strategy: shoppers need to see examples of existing customers happily purchasing and enjoying beverages like non-alcoholic wine, vodka, and beer. Unfortunately, the brand was using Yotpo, which lacked a strong enough integration with Klaviyo to send Review Request Emails and other post-purchase messages at the pace it wanted. That’s why Sans Drinks’ agency partner, Brynley King, recommended Okendo, so the brand now enjoys a more robust Klaviyo integration, customizable review displays, and the ability to collect multiple kinds of social proof.

Migrating for a Stronger Klaviyo Integration & More

Sans Drinks understood that email marketing is an essential tool for soliciting UGC and rewarding customers who leave reviews. As such, it needed a seamless integration between its email platform of choice, Klaviyo, and a social proof provider that offers detailed insights into campaign performance and automation capabilities. Yotpo didn’t include the features Sans Drinks needed, but when the brand brought Brynley King on board to help grow its DTC channel, she was quick to suggest Okendo as a key part of her strategy. Brynley was already familiar with Okendo’s Klaviyo integration and proposed using it to help Sans Drinks automate its Review Request Email flows and distribute rewards to loyal customers.

Sans Drinks approved of Brynley’s plan and eagerly migrated from Yotpo to Okendo so it could enable social proof generation to function as a self-running system. The brand didn’t switch just for Okendo’s integration with Klaviyo, though. Cat Rodie, Marketing Director at Sans Drinks, describes the migration as “seamless” and notes that the brand was attracted to “the endless ways you could customize the Okendo platform. It boasts a great look and feel that blends smoothly with our site.” This way, customer testimonials — even though they’re written by consumers unaffiliated with the company — still feel like they’re part of Sans Drinks’ brand.

Reviews for Sans Drinks’ products using Okendo Reviews

Normalizing Non-Alcoholic Beverages with Social Proof

With Okendo in place, Sans Drinks has since collected 3,300+ reviews in less than a year, which is over six times as many as it generated with Yotpo. Part of the brand’s success stems from incentivizing social proof with rewards distributed through Okendo’s integration: it offers 10 loyalty points for unique reviews that customers can apply toward their future purchases, which Cat says helps Sans Drinks achieve its goal of “continuously rewarding our customers so they have no reason to shop elsewhere.” Brynley King elaborates:

You’d be surprised to see how many content-rich reviews a strategy like this can generate in a single day. I’ve seen brands collect hundreds of reviews in a 24-hour period through this method alone, so it’s certainly worth a test for any brand looking to dramatically grow their number of testimonials and library of UGC.”

Every testimonial Sans Drinks collects contributes to normalizing non-alcoholic drinks. The more people that shoppers see enjoying alcohol-free beverages, the more socially acceptable and unquestioned it becomes.

Another way Sans Drinks pursues its goal is with Okendo Attributes. Attributes are specific personal or product-related categories customers can give feedback on, such as quality, taste, consumption, and drinking habits. Regarding the latter, Cat explains:

“We love that when customers leave reviews, we can ask them to indicate whether they are drinkers or non-drinkers. This Attribute makes a big difference for shoppers because someone who drinks alcohol regularly might look for reviews from others who drink, while a shopper who is trying to limit their alcohol consumption will look for reviews from fellow non-drinkers. Consumers can easily identify which reviews might reflect their tastes.”

Sans Drinks goes so far as to display reviews on its homepage. This way, shoppers immediately see what past customers are saying, convincing even regular drinkers that they’ll still enjoy the brand’s selection of non-alcoholic beverages. Sans Drinks doesn’t shy away from displaying negative reviews, either — the presence of both positive and negative creates authenticity and trust that shoppers need, especially when they’re trying to give up or limit alcohol. Nevertheless, Sans Drinks’ products still have an average 4.23 star rating, indicating that customers are largely satisfied with its beverages, but it doesn’t make over-promises that sway shoppers.

Between unprecedented Klaviyo data, automated review generation, Attribute feedback, and a robust loyalty program, Sans Drinks has positioned itself as a major figure in the Australian non-alcoholic movement.

Photo of Brynley King
Honestly, I recommend Okendo to every brand I work with — including on my own website for collecting client video reviews! Nothing compares to Okendo’s functionality when it comes to fulfilling a brand’s need for social proof.”
Brynley King, Ecommerce Marketing Expert

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