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LSKD Customer Story


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Australian-owned clothing and lifestyle brand LSKD was born from a passion for action sports. It produces high-quality streetwear, sportswear and accessories for the restless few who influence style, shape the future, and chase the vibe.

For LSKD, community is everything. The goal has always been to build and grow a brand bursting with bold personality and strong customer connections, but the team found it more and more difficult to nurture these relationships as the brand exploded almost overnight. They turned to Okendo to help share community shopping experiences and to speak directly to their loyal customers.

Building a trusted brand through genuine community reviews

In 2019, LSKD was in the process of creating a long-term product collection that would define its brand. Rather than just pushing products out there and hoping for the best, they wanted to tell a story and create a tight-knit community of neatly-dubbed “vibe chasers”.

“We wanted to grow our community by building more trust with them and helping them to see how passionate we are behind the scenes, developing clothing items that they can chase the vibe in” explains Jason Daniel, CEO and Founder of LSKD.

Okendo allows LSKD’s community to share their experiences with like-minded shoppers — something Jason identifies as a key part of the brand’s expansive growth in the past couple of months.

“We've grown so much in the last four months. Okendo lets us speak to our community directly and build more of an authentic relationship with them” says Jason.

LSKD knows that trust is important when building a sustainable brand, particularly in an industry that tends to be oversaturated. The ability to encourage reviews with an added discount incentive meant that the team could give back to their customers who set aside some of their valuable time to write a review or share a photo or video.

Review for an LSKD product using Okendo Reviews

Creating awesome products that sell out by listening to community feedback

LSKD is dedicated to creating products its tight-knit community loves and its loyal customers are fully involved in product development. The brand’s much-loved Rep Tight line shows this in action. The product took over a year to develop with multiple rounds of feedback from customers through Okendo’s review capture forms.

This allowed customers to share their thoughts on specific product points and key personal data points (aka attributes) such as size, fit, quality, age, and height. These attributes are then displayed alongside reviews on product pages, which builds trust in the product and brand in general.

“Product is just as important as our mission. We spend 12+ months developing a product because we want our customers to feel amazing when they wear them. I knew that these products were going to be in our collection for a long time. We had to find a way to share the experience with our community online and how much they loved the products. I did a lot of research when looking for the right platform. Okendo had almost just started and they were amazing to work with and made it very easy”, explains Jason.

Working with Okendo has allowed LSKD to blossom. Not only can its community of customers share their shopping experiences through genuine reviews, but the brand has been able to create a seamless and user-friendly online experience that’s seen LSKD grow dramatically in a matter of months.

“It’s amazing seeing our Rep Tight having close to 400 reviews and growing every week. It’s such a great feeling building trust with the community and seeing all the amazing content that they’re posting. In fact, our Rep Tights are sold out right now and we’re waiting on new stock — that’s testament to building a product our community loves.” says Jason.

View of LSKD product with Okendo Reviews star rating snippet

Photo of Jason Daniel
“Okendo makes everything work seamlessly and they’re a great team behind the scenes. I have personally recommended Okendo to a lot of brands, we’re stoked to work with their team.
Jason Daniel, CEO & Founder

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