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Send Okendo Review Requests Using Klaviyo SMS
Send Okendo Review Requests Using Klaviyo SMS cover image

Send Okendo Review Requests Using Klaviyo SMS

What is the use case?

Part 2 of 8 in Okendo’s “Supercharge Your Owned Marketing” series, this section outlines how incorporating Okendo review requests into your SMS marketing strategy in Klaviyo offers greater campaign personalization and increases customer engagement, leading to a higher number of completed reviews and more user-generated content.

Why send review requests via SMS?

90 percent of all texts are read within three minutes, making SMS a highly effective way to connect with your customers quickly. Sending review requests via text is not only a proven method for increasing customer engagement, it creates a personalized interaction with your brand.

Why opt for texted review requests over emails? In some cases, SMS review requests have a click-through rate 160% higher than email review requests. Unlike traditional emails that may get filtered to never-checked folders, SMS review requests offer an immediate way to connect with customers through a channel where they're already highly engaged — right on their phone.

SMS review requests with Okendo are an easy, fast, and reliable way to scale review generation. It's a mobile-first platform that transforms the review process into a flawless experience, dramatically increasing completed reviews and user-generated content.

Stats showing 14.6% increase in SMS Click-Through Rate and 5.6% increase in Email Click-Through Rate

How it works

Using Okendo’s powerful pre-built sequences, you can easily create a progression that will retrieve valuable customer details from fulfilled Shopify orders, automatically sending this information into a Klaviyo flow.

A conditional split in the flow targets consented customers with an SMS review request and non-consented customers with a traditional email — no review requests left behind here! SMS review requests include unique URLs that link customers to Okendo's review capture form. Additional products for customer orders will be dynamically displayed after the first product review is submitted, increasing the likelihood of collecting multiple reviews for a single order.

Scale review generation further by using Okendo Rewards to promote incentives in SMS review requests in exchange for customer reviews.

To learn more about using Okendo to send SMS review requests via Klaviyo, visit our feature page and schedule a demo.

SMS review request example

Photo of Rich Gardner
As Klaviyo’s best review integration, Okendo is user-friendly and makes automating review requests so simple. Combined with Klaviyo’s SMS and email marketing capabilities, Okendo revolutionizes the way brands engage with their audience, generating more reviews and increasing customer engagement.”
Rich Gardner, VP of Partnerships
Photo of Ruth Stedman
“With how simple Okendo makes it to leave reviews from any mobile device, it gave us the confidence to include SMS requests in our review generation strategy, helping us exceed our review generation goals.”
Ruth Stedman, CEO
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