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Trusted by 5,000+ of Shopify's fastest growing brands

Blog Supercharge Your Owned Marketing
Using Customer Data to Your Advantage
Using Customer Data to Your Advantage cover image

Using Customer Data to Your Advantage

What is the use case?

Part 3 of 8 in Okendo’s “Supercharge Your Owned Marketing” covers using zero-party data collected with Okendo to better understand your customers and create powerful, personalized messaging for your Klaviyo campaigns.

Customer data captured in Okendo syncs with customer profiles in Klaviyo, which can then be used to curate segments of customers. Leveraging this customer data gives brands the power to better understand their customers and create powerful, personalized messaging.

Why use segmentation?

Highly targeted marketing campaigns are proven to perform much better than generic campaigns. The richer your customer data, the more detailed and targeted your campaigns can be. The customer data sync in the Okendo/Klaviyo integration provides the tools to transform your customer data into powerful campaigns.

For Okendo user Natural Dog Company, tailoring product recommendations based on key information, such as dog age, dramatically improved marketing efforts and helped them establish deeper relationships with their buyers.

Segmentation settings in the Okendo Reviews Admin Panel

How it works

Okendo’s Attributes feature gathers the customer data needed to perform advanced segmentation, and Klaviyo uses this information to create and send personalized messages. The combined capabilities of the customer data sync and the event sync offered with the Okendo/Klaviyo integration simplifies the creation of highly targeted marketing campaigns.

Use this integration to curate a wide range of segments — whether it’s promoting early access to a flash sale for your most loyal customers, or targeting all customers with the same Attribute value to promote a new good-fit product.

Parent company Element Brands knew that Natural Dog Company was using Attributes to collect a library of customer data. In turn, they saw the perfect opportunity to use this data to better target individual buyers and increase customer lifetime value.

To learn more about using zero-party data from Okendo to personalize your Klaviyo marketing, visit our feature page and schedule a demo.

Photo of Allison Kelly
Okendo Attributes gave us a unique opportunity to understand our customers and their furry friends better. We used this collected customer data to its fullest potential by creating segments in Klaviyo so we could target and promote the right products to the right customers.”
Allison Kelly, Brand Manager
Natural Dog Company

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