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Trusted by 5,000+ of Shopify's fastest growing brands

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Trusted by 5,000+ of Shopify's fastest growing brands

Blog Supercharge Your Owned Marketing
Build Your Brand with Referrals
Build Your Brand with Referrals cover image

Build Your Brand with Referrals

What is the use case?

In section 4 of the “Supercharge Your Owned Marketing” series, you’ll learn how to harness the power of positive reviews to generate new business by increasing customer referrals, building customer loyalty, and growing brand awareness.

Why use positive reviews to request referrals?

Word-of-mouth marketing is one of the most affordable and effective ways to grow a brand. Giving customers the option to invite others to try a brand that they love unlocks the door to expanding your business. Not only does a referred customer already have a positive impression of a product, they’re also more likely to spend more than organic first-time customers.

When asking customers for referrals, perfecting the timing is a must. Triggering a referral email immediately after receiving a positive review has proven more successful than sporadic, infrequent referral requests.

Stats showing 20% of customers from Referrals and 216% increase in Average Order Value

How it works

Okendo captures many data points that you can use to target specific members of your audience. Use these data points to request referrals from customers who left 4 or 5-star reviews, significantly increasing the likelihood of new referrals and rapidly expanding your average order value.

Referral Klaviyo flow example

Use Okendo Rewards to incentivize customers to leave reviews, build brand loyalty, and increase your referral rate. electrIQ Marketing used Okendo to extend and enrich Amora Coffee’s post-purchase experience, keeping customers engaged and motivating them to share their satisfaction with their friends.

To learn more about gathering referrals from brand advocates with Okendo's Klaviyo integration, visit our feature page and schedule a demo.

Photo of Jim Fosina
Customer reviews are essential for spreading brand awareness and inspiring shopper trust. We can promote how great our coffee tastes all day long, but shoppers won’t believe what we say unless they hear it from their peers and try it for themselves.”
Jim Fosina, Co-Founder & CEO
Amora Coffee
Photo of Brandon Amoroso
“By automating a complex flow that Amora Coffee no longer has to manage manually, it drives a reward-and-referral program that wins over new customers and retains old ones — it’s a ripple effect, and it’s a great way to inspire brand loyalty and convert customers into brand advocates.
Brandon Amoroso, Founder & CEO
electrIQ Marketing

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