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Trusted by 5,000+ of Shopify's fastest growing brands

Blog Supercharge Your Owned Marketing
Increase Buying Intent with Reviews and Recommendations
Increase Buying Intent with Reviews and Recommendations cover image

Increase Buying Intent with Reviews and Recommendations

What is the use case?

This is the 8th and final installment of Okendo’s “Supercharge Your Owned Marketing” series. In this last section, you’ll learn how to amplify your product recommendation campaigns by incorporating product reviews. As a direct result, you’ll strengthen customer relationships and encourage future purchases.

Why use reviews in product recommendations?

66% of consumers say that trust signals, such as reviews, increased the likelihood of their purchase. Shoppers use reviews to get a quick download of information about a product. Strengthen your relationship with customers and encourage future purchases by using Okendo to display ratings and reviews in various types of product recommendation emails.

Never before have reviews been more influential than they are now to modern-day consumers. Show your shoppers relevant, personalized content by including ratings and reviews in product recommendation emails.

No matter the occasion, Okendo has the tools to make reviews and product recommendations a winning combination. Include ratings and reviews in all types of product recommendation emails; whether it’s flash sales, new product launches, back-in-stock notifications, welcome emails, or customer appreciation. Maximize shopper trust when launching a new product by highlighting recent 5-star reviews at the product or brand level. Okendo ensures each shopper receives a personalized interaction.

How it works

Choose from one of Okendo’s multiple review display options then sync your reviews in the Okendo/Klaviyo integration. With the small addition of some code pasted into your emails, they’ll immediately be filled with customer reviews. The team at Kinga Dow found that promoting 5-star reviews in new product launch campaigns was the perfect strategy for increasing conversions.

Eliminate the manual moderation process by auto-publishing with Okendo, and instantly stream recently published review data into Klaviyo, making product recommendation emails unique for each customer.

To learn more about enhancing Klaviyo’s product recommendation emails with social proof from Okendo, visit our feature page and schedule a demo.

Photo of Kinga Dow
Showcasing social proof in campaigns delivered amazing results. Including product ratings and reviews in our recommendations has become a huge part of driving successful campaigns for our brands.”
Kinga Dow, Founder & Managing Director
Kinga Dow
Photo of Niky's Sports
It’s incredibly easy to include reviews in our emails with Okendo, and after seeing the effect it had on conversions for our product recommendation emails, I can’t believe we didn’t do start doing it sooner!”
Niky's Sports
Niky's Sports

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