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Trusted by 5,000+ of Shopify's fastest growing brands

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Use Automation to Improve CX and Gather Data
Use Automation to Improve CX and Gather Data cover image

Use Automation to Improve CX and Gather Data

What is the use case?

Section 6 of Okendo’s “Supercharge Your Owned Marketing” covers handling negative reviews in a way that turns frustrated customers into brand advocates. Learn to use negative reviews to your advantage to show customers you care, gather helpful information for future interactions, and offer an experience that the ecommerce giants just can’t match.

Why use negative review follow-up emails?

Instead of taking a defensive stance, use your negative reviews to gather more information and show customers you care about their experience. For potential buyers, negative reviews give your site a sense of authenticity and establish trust between the brand and the customer. Any feedback you receive from engaged buyers can be extremely helpful for your band, even if it’s negative.

Without an automated process, you may find yourself spending too much time manually responding to negative reviews. Being proactive and having post-negative review emails trigger immediately gives you more time to focus on understanding the details of the negative experience and preventing similar experiences from occurring in the future.

How it works

Roswell Studios used review data to create a flow that automated “thank you” emails to 4 and 5-star reviewers. 3-star reviewers were asked where improvements could be made, and for the 1 and 2-star reviews, they focused on resolution efforts. Additionally, Okendo’s natural language processing captured a sentiment analysis, used to target customers that may not have left a 1 or 2-star review, but may have negative language detected in their submission.

For Hat Heaven, using Okendo to empathetically respond to negative reviews provided a unique opportunity to turn negative reviews into positive customer service experiences. For added customer service visibility, Okendo grants the option for responding to reviews publicly. And if a situation requires a behind-the-scenes conversation, private responses can show a personal touch.

To learn more about automating CX management with Okendo’s Klaviyo integration, visit our feature page and schedule a demo.

Photo of Nihar Kulkarni
Okendo has provided all the necessary tools to keep your post-review automation authentic. You wouldn’t talk to your 5-star reviews the same way you would a 1-star. Creating email messaging based on the star rating of the reviews allows an entirely new level of personalization, significantly increasing the likelihood of specific, genuine reviews. The more genuine the reviews, the greater the social proof, the greater the conversion rates!
Nihar Kulkarni, Managing Director
Photo of Brian Chun
“By automating our post-review outreach, we’ve given our customer service team more time to focus on resolutions and build positive customer experiences. It’s been huge for creating deeper relationships with our customers.
Brian Chun, President

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