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Trusted by 5,000+ of Shopify's fastest growing brands

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Send Okendo Review Request Emails Using Klaviyo
Send Okendo Review Request Emails Using Klaviyo cover image

Send Okendo Review Request Emails Using Klaviyo

What is the use case?

Part 1 of Okendo’s “Supercharge your Owned Marketing” integration guide deals with sending Okendo review requests through Klaviyo in order to generate more product reviews, personalize marketing campaigns, and simplify your marketing efforts.

Why use Klaviyo to send review request emails?

Connect Okendo and Klaviyo to sync event, review, and customer data, then configure powerful flows that automatically send highly personalized review request emails. Leverage advanced Klaviyo flows to optimize review generation and email performance reporting, all in a single platform.

Keep your existing Klaviyo email templates and use the Klaviyo template builder to quickly configure emails that fit your brand and engage your customers. Okendo personalizes emails even further by integrating your customer’s purchased products — like it was designed solely for them.

Use Okendo recorded events to build advanced Klaviyo flows that optimize email performance and create new engagement possibilities, such as A/B testing subject lines. Didn't capture the review after your first request? Automatically send a follow-up review request after a few days to give your customers another friendly nudge.

By streamlining your email sending within a single platform, Okendo makes it easier and faster to monitor the performance of your emails.

Stat showing 13% increase in open rate

How it works

Powerful, multi-step automation with Okendo sequences simplifies the personalization of your emails and accelerates review generation. Simply choose from a variety of pre-built Okendo sequences that are proven to produce more reviews and capture more UGC.

Review request email example

Use an Okendo sequence to determine when your review request email will be sent — based on either the order fulfillment date or when it gets delivered. When an order is fulfilled in Shopify, Okendo moves the order through the sequence, and, at the optimal time, passes these customer orders into a Klaviyo flow, where the email is sent at exactly the time you specify.

For maximum efficiency, make sure to work with your Customer Success Manager. They'll work with you to incorporate pre-built flows into your Klaviyo account, saving you lots of valuable time.

To learn more about increasing review generation with Okendo’s Klaviyo integration, visit our feature page and schedule a demo.

Photo of Kasey Luck
“By using Okendo events we’re able to configure complex Klaviyo flows with follow-up messaging to keep customers engaged throughout the flow cycle.”
Kasey Luck, Founder & CEO
Luck & Co
Photo of Lauren Sagadore
“Okendo has taken our review generation to the next level by making it fast and easy to create personalized review request emails with an existing email template in Klaviyo.”
Lauren Sagadore, Co-Founder & COO

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