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Trusted by 5,000+ of Shopify's fastest growing brands

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Enhance Abandoned Cart Emails with Reviews
Enhance Abandoned Cart Emails with Reviews cover image

Enhance Abandoned Cart Emails with Reviews

What is the use case?

This is Section 7 of Okendo’s “Supercharge Your Owned Marketing,” which highlights how to increase conversion rates by adding product reviews to your abandoned cart emails, giving your emails the added oomph to drive more purchases and maximize revenue-per-recipient.

Why use reviews in abandoned cart emails?

Building shopper trust is a difficult feat. With Okendo, it’s easy to use your product reviews to their full potential by making them the star of your abandoned cart emails to influence shopper behavior and increase average revenue-per-receipt by up to 16%. Give your potential customers a closer look at the products they love with recent 5-star experiences, and turn them into loyal repeat customers.

How it works

Enhance your abandoned cart emails with a small snippet of Okendo code to dynamically display the most recent 5-star ratings and reviews for your products.

Okendo offers a variety of displays to choose from when inserting collected customer content into abandoned cart emails, such as a rating aggregate, review text, review gif, or even a combination of all three. Find your best-performing displays by A/B testing, and see for yourself how reviews in your abandoned cart emails build shopper trust.

SKIMS email example

Andzen realized the power that customer ratings and reviews could have on driving buyer action. They worked reviews into Nimble’s abandoned cart emails, and the rest was history. According to Co-founder Vera Yan, “We ran an A/B test on abandoned cart emails with and without reviews, and those with the reviews had a click-through rate of an additional 6%. People are more inclined to click through when the review information is there and they can see that social proof.”

Additionally, Nimble saw a 16% increase in average revenue per recipient—further proof that getting reviews in front of customers compels buying action.

To learn more about enhancing triggered Klaviyo emails with social proof from Okendo, visit our feature page and schedule a demo.

Photo of Jason Anderson
“By working with Okendo to integrate ratings and reviews into our Klaviyo abandoned cart emails, we were able to capture a significant amount of new business that otherwise would have been completely lost.”
Jason Anderson, Chief Operating Officer
Photo of Vera Yan
“Including ratings & reviews from Okendo in our abandon cart flows in Klaviyo has been a total game changer! Click-through rate and revenue-per-recipient is the highest we’ve ever seen them.
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Vera Yan, Co-Founder

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