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How to Choose a Survey Platform to Improve Experiences and Build Customer Advocacy

Different types of surveys

Experiencing rapid growth is both an exciting and pivotal moment for any Shopify brand. To watch orders flow in as your product gains traction amongst consumers can be exhilarating, but it also often comes with a distinct sense of pressure to ensure that the growth of your business is sustainable in the long run. For…

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Okendo’s 2023 Ecommerce Trust Report

Blog Cover - BFCM Generalized Report

The Increased Importance of Social Proof & Personalization in Building Trust That Sells There’s no denying it: today’s consumers are much harder to sell to. Since the dawn of the internet age and, in particular, the birth of ecommerce, consumers’ expectations for the brands they buy from have been continuously on the rise.  This is,…

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Feeding Your Brand: Three Strategies for Driving Revenue in the DTC Food & Beverage Market

Over the past few years, rapid growth and technological innovation in the ecommerce space has led to a thriving direct-to-consumer (DTC) food and beverage industry.  But as a new data privacy landscape takes shape alongside evolving consumer preferences and needs, many brands are tasked with reimagining their marketing strategies to promote continued growth, drive revenue,…

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Contextual Targeting: How to Target Your Surveys to the Right Customer at the Right Time

Whether the goal is to increase sales, improve user experiences, or understand the effectiveness of marketing campaigns, online merchants today need the ability to collect and analyze data related to various points in the customer journey.  But as regulators and big tech tighten controls around privacy, businesses now face the additional challenge of adapting their…

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Understanding NPS and CSAT Surveys — And How to Turn Customer Feedback into Action

The perfect customer experience doesn’t come together overnight. Key to optimizing your customer experience is understanding how your customers feel about your brand at any given moment, and using this feedback to make necessary updates and improvements to your customer journey.  Net Promoter Score (NPS) and Customer Satisfaction Score (CSAT) are two of the most…

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“How Did You Hear About Us?” (HDYHAU) Surveys: Optimize Marketing Spend by Uncovering Your Most Effective Channels

Ecommerce marketing teams put a great deal of time and energy into driving online engagement and sales. But in order for these efforts to pay off, they need the ability to track the performance of campaigns and identify which channels are the most effective at reaching and converting new customers.  This is where post-purchase “How…

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