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Okendo’s 2023 Ecommerce Trust Report

Blog Cover - BFCM Generalized Report

The Increased Importance of Social Proof & Personalization in Building Trust That Sells There’s no denying it: today’s consumers are much harder to sell to. Since the dawn of the internet age and, in particular, the birth of ecommerce, consumers’ expectations for the brands they buy from have been continuously on the rise.  This is,…

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Feeding Your Brand: Three Strategies for Driving Revenue in the DTC Food & Beverage Market

Over the past few years, rapid growth and technological innovation in the ecommerce space has led to a thriving direct-to-consumer (DTC) food and beverage industry.  But as a new data privacy landscape takes shape alongside evolving consumer preferences and needs, many brands are tasked with reimagining their marketing strategies to promote continued growth, drive revenue,…

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Understanding NPS and CSAT Surveys — And How to Turn Customer Feedback into Action

The perfect customer experience doesn’t come together overnight. Key to optimizing your customer experience is understanding how your customers feel about your brand at any given moment, and using this feedback to make necessary updates and improvements to your customer journey.  Net Promoter Score (NPS) and Customer Satisfaction Score (CSAT) are two of the most…

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“How Did You Hear About Us?” (HDYHAU) Surveys: Optimize Marketing Spend by Uncovering Your Most Effective Channels

Ecommerce marketing teams put a great deal of time and energy into driving online engagement and sales. But in order for these efforts to pay off, they need the ability to track the performance of campaigns and identify which channels are the most effective at reaching and converting new customers.  This is where post-purchase “How…

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Customer Experience and The Challenges of Marketing Attribution

Marketing Attribution

Marketing attribution has always been a powerful way to collect actionable data about the marketing touchpoints a consumer encounters on their path to purchase. As such, the ability to identify the performance of channels, campaigns, and even specific marketing tactics is important in ordinary circumstances. But at a time when C-Suites are putting pressure on…

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Retaining your BFCM Shoppers

Retain Your BFCM Shoppers

BFCM Expert Tips Series: Post 3 With U.S. consumers spending close to $20B on ecommerce purchases across Black Friday and Cyber Monday in 2021, it would be fair to say that BFCM has become the Super Bowl for online retailers. Historically, this has meant ecommerce brands finding the best way to captivate deal-seekers. And with…

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How to Host an Unrivaled BFCM Shopping Experience

BFCM Expert Tips Series: Post 2 With online retailers continuously upgrading their Black Friday and Cyber Monday strategies, it’s no surprise that anticipation for the biggest shopping event of the season seems to escalate year after year.  But as uncovered in our recent 2022 Holiday Shopping Report, things look a little different for ecommerce brands…

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Maximizing Opportunity Before BFCM

BFCM Expert Tips Series: Post 1 As we embark on another holiday shopping season, ecommerce brands are preparing for their busiest time of the year, including everybody’s favorite weekend of eye-popping deals: Black Friday and Cyber Monday. While every holiday shopping season gives brands a chance to boost their bottom lines, this one is poised…

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