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How Personalization Can Benefit Your Shopify Store

When customers visit your Shopify store, they want to feel like they’re shopping with a brand that knows them. In fact, 80% of shoppers are more likely to make a purchase if a company has adopted a personalized approach.  In today’s ecommerce world, personalization takes on many forms. From custom ads for repeat visitors, emails…

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How to Optimize Your Post-Checkout Tech Stack for Shopify

As rising acquisition costs and cut-throat competition continue to impact ecommerce brands, online retailers are under immense pressure to boost customer retention.  Yet, long-lasting customer relationships have never been harder to build. They involve the careful management of each stage of the customer journey and establishing a continuous CX program. But perhaps the most crucial…

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Monitoring and Measuring the Customer Experience to Drive Loyalty

These last few years have shed a spotlight on the pressures brands face to constantly deliver first-rate customer experiences. Even in the most challenging circumstances, consumers expect the businesses they buy from to meet their expectations for things like speed, convenience, and availability—even when uncontrollable factors like supply chain disruptions make it challenging to do…

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