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We partner with industry leading agencies and technology providers to make the best even better.

Technology Partners

Extend the functionality and value of your app

What you get

  • Enhanced App Value
    Integrating with Okendo Reviews lets retailers extend the functionality of your app enabling more use cases and increasing value delivery.
  • New Leads
    Our customers and prospects continually ask who we recommend. Where there’s a good fit, we’ll always recommend them to our partners.
  • Collaborative Marketing
    Webinars, ebooks, research, articles - we know how to produce and distribute content which drives results and we’d love to work together to promote our partnership.
Photo of Jared Bingham
"As a fast growing business, you don’t need service providers trying to put the brakes on your operations. You need true technology partners who understand your business and can support your journey. Okendo Reviews has proven an excellent choice in this regard."
Jared Bingham, CEO
Adventure Hunt

Agency Partners

Introduce Okendo Reviews as a more powerful and cost-effective solution

What you get

  • Revenue Share Agreement
    We offer a generous revenue share agreement for referrals. Let’s talk!
  • Support
    We can also manage all customer support requirements, including integration, onboarding and lifecycle support.
  • New leads
    We are regularly asked by our retailers for recommendations on agencies and development providers.

Let’s achieve awesome together

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