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Need an alternative to Yotpo?

You’re in the right place

1. Meaningful

Reviews should help shoppers make decisions

Forget one-line reviews. Give shoppers the information they need to complete their purchase.

Anonymous reviews have no credibility

Okendo Reviews brings reviews to life with Shopper Profiles and Attribute Ratings

What an Okendo review looks like
Shopper attributes in reviews illustration
"Okendo is a great review platform that focuses on the important features an ecommerce business needs, without the crazy prices and upselling pressure that I have experienced with competitors."
MNML, Co-Founder
Nick Bowersox

2. Engaging

Reviews should build excitement and compel action

Text is so last decade. Generate reviews for today's shoppers - those who prefer watching a video and scrolling through pics than reading walls of text.

Okendo Reviews let customers share their product experiences with photos, videos and more!

Photos and videos in reviews illustration
Okendo reviews are very visual and detailed
Photo of Jared Bingham
"As a fast growing business, you need true technology partners who understand your business and can support your journey. Okendo Reviews has proven an excellent choice in this regard."
Jared Bingham, CEO
Adventure Hunt

3. Functional

Reviews should work for ALL your customers

A modern review experience should be optimized for mobile and work across all your customer's devices.

Don't do this…
Email form causes a security alert in email clients
…do this instead!
Okendo's review email provides a user experience without any security alerts

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Start your 30 day free trial now
Plans start at $99/month • Unlimited usage • Cancel anytime

4. Unlimited

Review Requests should not be throttled

Don't be limited by the number of review request emails you can send each month.

Welcoming store owner

Okendo is Unlimited

With no limits on the number of review request emails you can send each month, Okendo Reviews ensures all customers can submit a review, maximizing the total number of reviews you generate each month.
Photo of Adam Lee
"As an early user of Okendo we couldn't be happier. From the extensive rating features to the great user experience to the onsite customization, Okendo is helping us drive traffic, grow consumer confidence and increase sales. We've tried all the review apps on the market and Okendo has reset the bar for excellence."
Adam Lee, Co-Founder
Bohemian Guitars

5. Accessible

Okendo Reviews is affordable

  • Transparent pricing
  • Pay by the month
  • Unlimited usage
  • 30-day free trial
  • Pro

    $ 99 /mth
    • For Brands Destined for Greatness
    • Automated Review Requests
    • Customer Photos & Videos
    • Rewards Engine
    Full Feature List
  • Power

    $ 249 /mth
    • Everything on the PRO Plan, plus
    • Email Sequences
    • Questions & Answers
    • Design Customizations
    Full Feature List
  • Enterprise

    Contact us to find the best solution for your brand
    • Everything on the POWER Plan, plus
    • Branded Domains
    • Unlimited Store Fronts
    • API Access
    Full Feature List

Early stage store?

If you’re an early stage Shopify store you might be eligible for our Grow With Us program. It’s a a partnership program that provides retailers assistance in growing their business with unlimited access to Okendo Reviews for just $49/month.

Learn more about the Grow With Us program here.

Photo of Nancy Newsom
"We had been using Yotpo for some time and loved the way it brought customer reviews to our product pages but it was just too much to pay for a company like ours. In walks Okendo offering a platform with all the same features and more! For a fraction of the price! YES - Sign us up!"
Nancy Newsom, Co-founder, CEO
Botanic Organic

Frequently asked Questions

  1. Question
    Can I keep my existing reviews?
    Absolutely! You can import all existing customer content into Okendo Reviews
  2. Question
    I’m too busy to set this up...
    No worries! As official Shopify Partners, we can do the full set-up for you, including integrating with your store and configuring the app for your specific needs
  3. Question
    I’m not sure if it’s worth $99/month...
    Our customers generate results far exceeding the subscription fee. We’re confident you can too, which is why we offer 30 day free trials - to prove the ROI before you pay a cent

Ready to get Started?

Start your 30 day free trial now
Plans start at $99/month • Unlimited usage • Cancel anytime