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Trusted by 5,000+ of Shopify's fastest growing brands

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Trusted by 5,000+ of Shopify's fastest growing brands

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Trusted by 5,000+ of Shopify's fastest growing brands

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Automate Workflows

Automatically create support tickets based on review content to eliminate redundant, manual processes.


Centralize Customer Care

Stop jumping between apps to respond to customer concerns. Manage everything from one app, saving time and providing faster resolutions.

Review with UGC

Personalize Customer Experiences

Harness powerful tools for personalizing responses using your customer data, and provide the best experience possible.


What makes Okendo great?

3.4x increase

Review generation velocity

Merchants using Okendo generate an average of 3.4x more reviews.

32% increase

UGC generation velocity

Merchants using Okendo generate an average of 32% more UGC.

4-5x increase

Conversion rate

Shoppers interacting with Okendo are 4-5x more likely to convert.

10% increase

Average order value

Merchants using Okendo increase AOV by an average of 10%.

Integrated with your tech-stack πŸ”Œ

Integrated with the tools you already use, so you can get the most out of every review.

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    • Attentive


    • Klaviyo


    • Omnisend


    • Postscript


    • LoyaltyLion


    • Foursixty




    • Zendesk


    • Gorgias


    • Google


    • Findify


    • Searchanise


    • Shogun


    • Zipify


    • Shoelace


    • Limespot


    • Recomatic


Join the thousands of merchants who are growing with Okendo

Profile picture for Haik Z.

Haik Z.

Okendo has all the same features as Yotpo for a fraction of the price.
Profile picture for Meg T.

Meg T.

We switched over from Yotpo due to Okendo's their pricing and easy integration.
Profile picture for Sam K.

Sam K.

MAKE THE SWITCH! Again, for the people in the back, MAKE THE SWITCH!
Profile picture for Christina H.

Christina H.

Wow!! This is the review app you need! The transition from Yotpo to Okendo was so seamless and easy.
Profile picture for Daniel R.

Daniel R.

Migrated from Stamped to Okendo to better integrate with Klaviyo.
Profile picture for Torrie M.

Torrie M.

I wish we had discovered Okendo a long time ago! Finally a platform that can do everything we want!
Profile picture for Richard R.

Richard R.

Used a competitor for nearly 6x the price and I am blown away with Okendo. The functionality and price is fantastic.
Profile picture for Felicia M.

Felicia M.

So happy that we chose to migrate to Okendo. Their customer service is phenomenal.
Profile picture for Alex B.

Alex B.

Moving to Okendo from Yotpo has been one of the best tech stack pivots we've made.
Profile picture for Krishauna K.

Krishauna K.

Okendo has EVERYTHING you would like from a review app.
Profile picture for Nicole K.

Nicole K.

You're never going to get this combination of service, quality, and price anywhere else!
Profile picture for Nicholas H.

Nicholas H.

Okendo is simply better ... the value, service, ease of use, features and, most importantly, the people of Okendo are just amazing
Profile picture for Julia F.

Julia F.

We switched to Okendo because it had all the features we were looking for in a reviews app.
Profile picture for Rhiannon H.

Rhiannon H.

Okendo made the switch absolutely seamless - we were up & running in 2 business days.
Profile picture for Michael F.

Moving to Okendo from our previous review platform was a great decision.

Michael F.

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