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How to Optimize Your Email and SMS Marketing Campaigns with Reviews and Surveys

By Megan Wenzl | June 6, 2023

As ecommerce brands battle to grab the attention of today’s highly conscientious and digital-savvy consumers, there’s a growing need for them to leverage email and SMS marketing in creative ways. Perhaps more than anything, though, brands are under more pressure than ever before to impress their shoppers with personalized communications and marketing, and to provide…

Create a Revenue Stream for Your Agency with Okendo

By Lindsay Kolinsky | May 16, 2023

As Okendo continues to scale worldwide, there’s nothing that instills more pride in us than witnessing the success of our agency partners. We strive to play a role in helping you and your clients enjoy the maximum benefits of integrating and utilizing our offerings.  We score tremendous joy in watching our partners establish new streams…

Different types of surveys

How to Choose a Survey Platform to Improve Experiences and Build Customer Advocacy

By Megan Wenzl | May 16, 2023

Experiencing rapid growth is both an exciting and pivotal moment for any Shopify brand. To watch orders flow in as your product gains traction amongst consumers can be exhilarating, but it also often comes with a distinct sense of pressure to ensure that the growth of your business is sustainable in the long run. For…