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Trusted by 5,000+ of Shopify's fastest growing brands

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Trusted by 5,000+ of Shopify's fastest growing brands

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Trusted by 5,000+ of Shopify's fastest growing brands

Okendo & Attentive

A First of its Kind: Accelerate Reviews with the Power of Intelligent SMS Marketing.

Harness the power of reviews in your SMS marketing to connect personally with buyers, and to generate more product feedback and user generated content from more touch points across the customer journey.

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Review Requests

More Reviews, Faster.

Connect Okendo and Attentive to send review requests via your customers’ preferred channel whether that be SMS or email. Use Okendo’s Sequences to automate review requests and reach your mobile-first audience with personalized messages that encourage faster review generation and more user generated content.

Okendo review request flow in Attentive
Segments for sending the perfect message

Zero-Party Data

Create Memorable Customer Experiences

Build consumer confidence and brand loyalty by sending the perfect message at the perfect time via the perfect channel. Use zero-party data collected in Okendo to better understand your customers and their actions. Dynamically create customer segments with this data, then send tailor-made messages to your contacts to connect on a personal level.

Product Recommendations

Target Shoppers with Hyper-Relevant Campaigns

With Okendo and Attentive, merchants can use customer data to target shoppers with specific product recommendations, ask engaged consumers to refer their friends, and more. Engaged customers are also more likely to become brand ambassadors, further fueling campaign performance.

Product recommendations for Groove Life product
Performance tracking for Attentive & Okendo

Performance Tracking

Better Understand your Customers

Level up your A/B testing and better understand how to get the biggest impact from your marketing campaigns. Once a campaign is underway, the Okendo and Attentive integration simplifies performance tracking. Attentive will automatically monitor every sent, opened, and clicked message, and Okendo will track the number of reviews generated. Together, you’ve got more data-driven insights to continually refine and improve your outreach.

Photo of Roman Haviland
Okendo and Attentive have done an incredible job in bringing this integration together. In just two days we saw an 98% increase in review generation compared to the previous week. There’s so much functionality there, the UI is easy to use, and we use the data we’ve collected with it to make all kinds of strategic marketing decisions.”
Roman Haviland, Creative and Marketing Automation
Groove Life

5,000+ of Shopify’s fastest growing brands trust Okendo for growth

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