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Trusted by 4,000+ of Shopify's fastest growing brands

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WAG Customer Story

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64% increase

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300% increase

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423% increase

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WAG is a good boy when it comes to 100% natural dog treats. The Australian brand is committed to improving the health of all its four-legged customers, while emphasizing the importance of sustainable ingredients. When founder Jeremy Goldman couldn’t find any all-natural treats for his doggo, he decided to collaborate with local butchers and start his own company. Now, WAG has a loyal following of fur babies around the world, whose owners are able to treat them to delicious, ethically-sourced products.

WAG knows that no two dogs are the same. Each individual pet deserves a treat that they love and that suits their unique needs. The brand wanted to forge deeper connections with their customers and mine the valuable insights they had collected through their reviews to create powerful customer experiences. Using the Klaviyo-Okendo integration and with the help of ecommerce marketing agency Andzen, they were able to segment their furry customers and design laser-focused email marketing campaigns.

Using Okendo’s customer data to drive marketing effectiveness

WAG wanted to celebrate the unique needs and tastes of their four-legged customers (and their owners). They had access to an assortment of rich customer data collected through reviews, but no way to mine this information to better target individual buyers.

Leveraging this data would give the brand a deeper understanding of their customers which would, in turn, help them create powerful, cutting-edge experiences.

“We use Okendo to capture reviews from customers who have purchased products, but we also use it to capture possible buyer pain points and learn more about our customers’ interests and needs”, explains Marta Skrabacz, WAG’s Digital Marketing and Ecommerce Manager.

Review for a WAG product using Okendo Reviews

Using Okendo’s Attributes feature — which collects customer data through reviews — enabled WAG to collect meaningful insights into their canine customers’ needs and deliver personalized journeys that ended with exactly the right treat. WAG was well aware of the connection between deep customer insights and developing competitive products and experiences. It was simply a case of translating those insights into powerful, highly-targeted campaigns. This is where the Customer Data Sync functionality of the Okendo-Klaviyo integration came into play.

Okendo’s Attributes feature gathers enough customer data to perform advanced segmentation while Klaviyo’s rich customer platform uses this information to send personalized messages.

This opened up a ton of opportunities for WAG. They were able to create Product Recommendation campaigns within Klaviyo that only promoted good-fit products. Tailoring product recommendations based on key information like age, tastes, and past purchases dramatically improved WAG’s marketing efforts and helped them forge deeper relationships with their buyers.

“The ability to push data from Okendo to Klaviyo has enabled us to actually use Klaviyo in other, even more powerful ways. It really just opens up a heap more opportunities — not just segmentation opportunities, but also gives us the ability to personalize marketing communications based on the dog’s needs”, says Marta.

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Generating segment-specific messages to significantly increase conversion rates

WAG was already using a really strong segmentation strategy that excluded subscribers who hadn’t engaged with recent campaigns. But with the Okendo-Klaviyo integration, they were able to dig even deeper. By asking customers for key insights about their dogs at the review stage, they were able to get rich data about their best buyers.

“The segmentation feature is really amazing because we can provide personalized and accurate marketing information”, says Marta.

With the help of ecommerce marketing agency Andzen, WAG were able to set up two segmentation campaigns. One targeted the eating habits of pets, which filtered dogs into categories based on whether they were picky eaters, had sensitive stomachs, or ate everything in sight. The other targeted dogs based on their age.

Andzen built campaigns around these profiles that used segment-specific copy and creatives, as well as personalized product recommendations that aligned with each dog’s needs. The highly targeted nature of the campaign led to numbers that were much stronger than the performance of the brand’s general campaigns.

“We've taken a merchant with an already strong segmentation strategy and significantly increased performance by utilizing the data collected by Okendo and passed onto Klaviyo via this new integration. By using the data collected during reviews for segmentation, we’re able to drive personalized messages that truly resonate with customers. That's the key that leads to a conversion rate increase of 300%” explains Jason Anderson, General Manager with Andzen.

WAG now has a rich collection of segments to target during future product launches and promotions. As a result, customers will always receive personal emails from WAG so they feel closer to the brand and therefore are more inclined to open up future communications. And WAG can continue to increase its average conversion rate across the board by always sending the right message to the right customer.

View of a WAG email

Photo of Marta Skrabacz
“Using data from Okendo to create segments in Klaviyo that we target with messaging tailored to individual customers enabled us to increase revenue-per-recipient by a massive 423%!
Marta Skrabacz, Digital Marketing & Ecommerce Manager

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