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Trusted by 5,000+ of Shopify's fastest growing brands

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The QuickFlick Customer Story

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9.4% relative increase

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Applying eye makeup is particularly time-consuming and difficult to master. Fortunately, anyone tired of spending too much time in the morning trying to get their winged eyeliner and lashes just right can turn to The Quick Flick, a leading provider of compact and multi-functional eye cosmetics and skincare products. The Quick Flick has rapidly made a name for itself thanks to its cruelty-free, nontoxic makeups and tools that save customers time and effort.

As with any cosmetics brand, reviews are essential. Shoppers need to know how a particular shade or tool will work for them before committing to making a purchase. However, the reviews provider The Quick Flick was using wasn’t streamlined or customizable to the extent it needed, which infringed on its brand persona. To create a more unified customer experience and display reviews in a way that fit its brand, The Quick Flick partnered with agency The Cut and Okendo to develop a bespoke widget that could incentivize the sharing of UGC, build customer confidence, and drive conversions.

Creating a Bespoke Widget Design

Because The Quick Flick’s original reviews platform wasn’t sufficiently customizable, the display widget didn’t match the brand’s colors, fonts, and preferred formats. These off-brand elements stood out on its website and created a disjointed customer experience that left shoppers feeling uncertain about their purchases.

The Quick Flick was a growing company, so it was essential to collect customer feedback about products’ particular qualities to sufficiently scale product development.

“We were looking for a reviews provider that allowed customers to give feedback on particular qualities of the product,” Founder Iris Smit says. “We felt this was crucial to inform customers better as they make their purchasing decisions, and it informs our product team on how we can improve certain elements.”

However, customers are less likely to include this level of specificity in their reviews unless prompted, so The Quick Flick needed a way to encourage shoppers to be more detailed about aspects like quality and ease of use in their testimonials.

The Quick Flick established a goal of identifying a reviews platform that could meld with its brand and streamline the review generation process from the first Review Request Email. It assessed different providers and found Okendo a best-of-all-scenarios solution thanks to its unique potential for customizations, optimized review email flows, and Attributes features. The Cut then leveraged Okendo’s existing adjustable design elements to provide The Quick Flick with a mock-up design for a bespoke widget that Okendo built to emphasize visual UGC and meet all of The Quick Flick’s specifications, resulting in a perfectly on-brand shopping experience.

Collecting Product Data and Encouraging UGC

The Quick Flick collects product feedback with Okendo’s Attributes feature, asking customers to review elements including Quality, Staying Power, Ease of Use, and Speed of Application. Customers’ respective ratings indicate how closely the brand is realizing its goal of creating easy-to-use products that last and save users time. The company also gathers customer data based on demographics like age range, eye size, type, and color. Accompanying each testimonial with this information helps shoppers compare and contrast their experience with different customers so they can better evaluate how a product would work for them, enhancing their trust in the brand and broader community.

Once the bespoke created widget was in place, The Quick Flick was able to accelerate conversions at an exceptional rate.

“We’ve seen increased conversions from boosted customer confidence when purchasing our products. Additionally, we’ve been able to improve our products by understanding the specific feedback points we can curate through Okendo. This insight has led to an improved shopping experience and long-term customer retention,” explains Iris.

UGC plays a significant role in boosting said customer confidence. Makeup is a visual-heavy industry; shoppers prefer to see examples of how other customers wear the products they are considering and the looks they create. The Quick Flick used Okendo’s review capture form and email flows to strongly encourage customers to upload photos and videos, which enabled it to display compelling UGC on product pages for other shoppers to see. The brand has collected over 600 images and 34 videos across 4,991 reviews since installing Okendo, which assures shoppers that real people buy and enjoy the same products instead of hired models.

In addition, The Quick Flick took advantage of Okendo’s ability to syndicate reviews to Google Shopping. Makeup is a saturated market, but immediately available social proof that answers shoppers’ questions as soon as they enter their search terms reduces potential doubt. The Quick Flick also has online stores in Australia, the EU, UK, and USA, so syndicating reviews across storefronts eliminates the need to build communities from scratch, enabling existing testimonials to carry over between markets.

Thanks to syndicated, content-rich reviews and a streamlined process for incentivizing them, The Quick Flick has witnessed a 2.8X relative increase in conversion rates and a 9.4% relative rise in AOV. Fully leveraging social proof continues to enable the brand’s growth as it upscales around the world.

Stylistic representation of Okendo Reviews for The QuickFlick

Photo of Iris Smit
Migrating to Okendo was incredibly easy. The team managed the entire process for us, so it was completely pain-free.”
Iris Smit, Founder & CEO

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