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Trusted by 5,000+ of Shopify's fastest growing brands

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Outland Denim Customer Story


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Outland Denim began as a place to train and employ women who had experienced sex trafficking. This background laid the foundations for the Australian-based brand to build a loyal customer base of sustainable shoppers that want to empower humanity as they spend their money.

Eager to share greater social proof with on-the-fence shoppers, Outland Denim implemented Okendo review snippets in their abandoned cart emails to increase sales and revenue. Adding on-brand shopper experiences in this way helped give new customers the confidence to make a purchase and helped evolve a sense of community to this brand with a really important backstory.

Convincing new customers to take a chance

Outland Denim found themselves on the lookout for new touchpoints which would allow them to better understand and improve the customer experience. They knew that the insights Okendo customer reviews provided would help them accomplish their goal of empowering potential customers to feel comfortable shopping with a new brand.

The brand needed to increase the amount of social proof being shown to customers throughout different stages of the buying cycle. After being disappointed by a prior reviews provider for their lack of hands-on support and key integrations, they opted for Okendo.

“Through collecting and displaying reviews, we’re able to facilitate a connection between past and potential customers in a way that gives those less familiar with our brand the confidence to purchase,” explains Darren Ford, Outland Denim’s Head of Digital.

Review for a Outland Denim product using Okendo Reviews

Outland Denim knew that providing a consistent brand experience was important when it came to building recognition with new customers. The customization features that the Okendo-Klaviyo Integration offered would allow them to streamline their designs and branding across all communications, including the review request emails they were sending out.

The brand was well aware of the impact customer reviews could have on their business — especially when it came to convincing new customers to hit that all-important “buy now” button. Using the Okendo-Klaviyo integration, Outland Denim was able to incorporate high-quality reviews into their abandoned cart email sequence, turning on the fence shoppers into confident, paying customers.

“I was most excited about how seamlessly Okendo integrated with Shopify, Klaviyo, Google, and Facebook. These are all systems we would rely heavily on to share the social proof collected,” says Darren.

Serving up social proof when and where it’s most needed

Klaviyo’s abandoned cart flow triggers after a set period of time has lapsed. After this time, the tool recognizes the products a shopper has left in their cart and will send them an email reminder to complete their purchase. The ability to include the latest 5 star review snippets in the abandoned cart emails proved to be incredibly effective for Outland Denim.

The Okendo-Klaviyo integration gave them the opportunity to regain lost purchases by sending reviews from like-minded customers to shoppers who weren’t yet comfortable buying from a new brand. As a result, they were able to increase sales conversions and boost revenue.

“Putting social proof in front of customers who, for one reason or another, decided they weren’t yet ready to purchase, alongside the exact item they’re interested in yielded very strong results,” says Darren.

The abandoned cart flow feature allowed Outland Denim to inject social proof at one of the most critical points in the customer journey. And now, the brand is starting to experiment with how they can better leverage customer and product attribute data collected from Okendo including customer size, age, and height, to further personalize communications.

“In my opinion, there is probably no more important time to share a review than in the moment a customer adds an item to a cart without making a purchase,” explains Darren.

The Okendo-Klaviyo Integration also allows them to run conditional email flows based on Klaviyo’s estimation of whether the customer is male or female. They are then able to tailor the email design and messaging based on this information.

Outland Denim now has all the tools they need to inject social proof into their emails while sending out highly-targeted and branded communications to their customers.

Email with social proof for Outland Denim

Photo of Darren Ford
“Having the ability to add relevant reviews to AC emails and leverage data collected through the integration Okendo shares with Klaviyo was a surprise. It’s far more advanced than anything I have seen from other providers.
Darren Ford, Head of Digital

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