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Trusted by 5,000+ of Shopify's fastest growing brands

Nomad Customer Story cover image

Nomad Customer Story

Nomad is more than just a tech accessory brand, it’s a way of life. Promoting resourcefulness and adventure, this brand — which began as a Kickstarter project in 2012 — is a huge advocate of living in the moment. Nomad’s innovative tech products and accompanying accessories are well-loved by a vibrant community of well-traveled loyal customers, who share the brand’s philosophy.

Nomad was facing common site-speed issues that affected their sales and customer experience. Switching to headless commerce meant the team were able to integrate third-party apps in a seamless, speedy way. Okendo helped maintain their new-found load time while collecting and displaying information-rich reviews that helped the brand develop their product lines and drive more overall sales.

The need for speed: switching to headless commerce

Consumers today want pages to load in a split-second. If they don’t, eCommerce brands risk shoppers leaving their website to buy from a competitor who offers a more optimal online shopping experience. With such fierce competition in the tech space today, this was a risk Nomad wasn’t willing to take.

Nomad wanted to present a fast, slick online experience for its shoppers. But with a toolbox of third-party integrations slowing down their site, they needed to augment their existing Shopify interface to achieve flexibility.

The brand had been using Shogun as a Page Builder tool for their storefront for quite some time, and when the team learned about Shogun’s Frontend (a way to implement a headless Progressive Web App), they decided to make the switch to a headless commerce system. This would allow Nomad to dramatically increase page speeds and load times, creating far better customer experiences for shoppers.

Shogun frontend for PDP page

“Early data shows that users are spending more time on the site and visiting more pages. Customers can instantly consume more content, explore more of our catalog and discover more about the brand. As a result, conversion rate increases,” says Reese Hammerstrom, Nomad’s Director of eCommerce.

On top of this, displaying reviews & UGC on site was crucial for Nomad to elicit social proof and increase buyer confidence with those browsing products on their website. Using the Okendo-Shogun integration, Nomad was able to optimize their customer experience by providing shoppers with a smooth, fast, and engaging website that increased conversions.

Okendo’s API made it super easy for us to integrate their reviews into Shogun Frontend. The API is lightning fast and typically responds in 100ms or less.” – Finbarr Taylor, CEO at Shogun

Maintaining a full on-brand experience throughout the purchasing process

Okendo was able to match and improve the performance of Nomad’s previous eCommerce store with its fast-loading review widget. But site speed wasn’t the only benefit the brand experienced thanks to the integration.

Nomad prides themselves on pixel-perfect design and strives to create a consistent on-brand experience for its shoppers. The branding capabilities that Okendo offered meant the brand could remain recognizable with its audience, while building trust and loyalty with reviews.

“We were looking for a more customizable review app and were excited by Okendo's flexibility. It’s important for us to make sure we’re using the correct fonts, colors, and spacing so customers feel like they’re on Nomad’s site, and Okendo makes that possible,” says Reese Hammerstrom, Nomad’s Director of eCommerce.

And these customization efforts weren’t just reserved for the website. Okendo allowed Nomad to customize review request emails and integrate them into their regular email cadence to ensure they were presenting a full-on brand experience.

The automated nature of Okendo’s review request email engine generates reviews on autopilot for Nomad. Nomad is now generating around 100 reviews each week, which populate product pages to increase conversions and, ultimately, drive more sales.

"The fact that it all happens in the background is extremely valuable. From review request emails, to review publishing, to a live slack feed of new submissions, Okendo mostly operates in the background and keeps our on-site content fresh,” says Reese.

PDP page with reviews widget for Nomad

Using tiered incentives help elicit higher quality user generated content and we allow people to rate our products based on fit, durability, and value - this information is used to increase relevance of our products to shoppers when browsing reviews.

“After running a page tracking software to see where people were clicking and scrolling, it was clear that the reviews with attached media had high levels of engagement,” says Reese.

Reviews with media has proven to be an effective way to attract shopper attention and entice them to convert. And thanks to Okendo’s customization features, Nomad is able to prioritize reviews with media on product pages to increase their performance.

With the Okendo-Shogun integration, Nomad is able to display reviews in seconds and keep the customer journey smooth and intact. Integrating Okendo into the beautiful Shogun Frontend meant the brand could remain recognizable with cutting-edge visuals, while building trust and loyalty with powerful reviews to increase sales and deliver an optimal shopping experience for its customers.

Photo of Reese Hammerstrom
“Consistent branding and site speed performance are two crucial elements of the customer experience for Nomad. Using Okendo and Shogun, we’ve been able to increase conversions while providing an overall better experience for our customers.
Reese Hammerstrom, Director of eCommerce

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