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Trusted by 5,000+ of Shopify's fastest growing brands

Muir Way Customer Story cover image

Muir Way Customer Story


20% increase

in Click-Through Rate


30% increase

in Conversion Rate


838% increase

in Revenue

Muir Way sells unique maps for the adventurous soul, from relief maps of US states to historical depictions of far-flung destinations. Founded by travel-lover Jared Prince, the brand serves to bring beautiful places to everyone’s home while supporting key environmental causes along the way.

For a brand with such a loyal following, Muir Way’s Google Shopping ads were severely underperforming. In fact, the more the campaigns ran, the lower their ROAS got. Something had to change, so Muir Way joined forces with marketing agency Loop Club to revive their ads and create an injection of sales. By integrating Okendo reviews into their ads, they were able to significantly increase sales.

Smarter shopping is key for scaling sales

Armed with a fantastic product catalog and a loyal customer base, Muir Way teamed up with Loop Club to level up their Google Shopping efforts. Muir Way had been having trouble scaling their campaigns after a few technical tests brought very few results. In fact, every test had decreased ROAS to the point that it wasn’t working at all.

When we took over the account, Google Shopping was our first priority. Loads of people are searching for maps on Shopping, and it’s a great way to drive low-cost clicks to a site,” explains Tim Keen, Co-Founder of Loop Club.

Once Loop Club took over Muir Way’s Google Shopping campaigns, they switched the ads over to Smart Shopping. For a brand like Muir Way that has a high AOV and solid conversion rates, this is often the best way to really push volume through.

The agency also segmented Muir Way’s products into different Smart Shopping campaigns based on their prices. Doing so gave Google’s complex algorithm cleaner data to work with, and essentially led to better results across the board.

Loop Club was able to unlock the blockers that were stopping us from reaching our full potential on Google Shopping, and it's only up from here. They’ve been able to drive more revenue in Q4 2020 than in the whole of 2019 combined,” explains Jared, Founder of Muir Way.

Muir Way was specifically looking for a partner who had experience in profitably scaling Google Shopping campaigns without dropping their ROAS below 3.5. The team at Loop Club immediately identified areas for improvement, including segmentation and automation. But there was one thing that Muir Way was really missing out on — social proof.

Combining Okendo reviews and their powerful integration with Google Shopping, the brand was able to dramatically increase its ad results.

Adding reviews is by far the single biggest optimization you can do for Google Shopping. It starts feeding a flywheel. We know that Google prioritizes star-rating listings which means more people click through and convert at a significantly higher rate,” explains Tim.

Google Shopping results with Muir Way products

The missing ingredient: social proof

Displaying star ratings and reviews within Google Shopping ads instantly adds a differentiating factor for browsing shoppers. Not only are they more visually appealing and stand out amongst other listings, but they instill greater trust in both the product and the provider. In fact, 84% of people trust online reviews as much as they would their own friends.

“I was so pleased to find a solution like Okendo that was cost-effective and that provided the functionality I needed,” explains Jared, Founder of Muir Way.

Google always looks to provide its users with the most optimal experience. Implementing reviews in Muir Way’s Shopping Ads meant that Google started to boost their rankings based on the level of authority and trustworthiness their listings provided its users. It resulted in a virtuous cycle that has powered massive growth.

“In just 3 months, Okendo allowed us to scale Smart Shopping-attributed revenue for Muir Way by over 838%,” explains Tim.

This is because a collection of high-star ratings shows Google that a brand or product is trusted by its customers. It’s a digital recommendation that instills buyer confidence and helps uncertain shoppers off the fence.

In addition, products with a lot of favorable social proof, high star ratings and recent reviews help drive higher click-through rates, another important ranking factor of Google’s algorithm.

"Adding reviews is much, much more impactful than anything you can do on the Google Shopping platform and a lot of people are sleeping on it. People don’t really realize the impact or, previously, it was either expensive or annoying to get those shopping reviews pushed to Google, but Okendo has made it simple,” explains Jared.

Muir Way was already leveraging the power of social proof to build confidence with shoppers browsing their online store. Populating their Google Shopping Ads with reviews proved to reap an even greater reward and, with the amount of reviews Muir Way was able to collect through Okendo, it was a no-brainer to start optimizing them. And, since Okendo is an official Google Reviews Partner, the process of submitting product review data to Google Shopping was a breeze.

The combination of reviews and Smart Shopping brought incredible results for Muir Way. Conversions are up by almost 650% on the brand’s Google Shopping campaigns and sales are continuously scaling. For a brand like Muir Way, injecting Google Shopping ads with reviews has taken their campaigns from underperforming to consistent sales generators that run on autopilot.

Reviews for Muir Way products using Okendo Reviews

Photo of Jared Prince
“Setting up Okendo to push our reviews to Google Shopping was incredibly easy. Once live, the click-through-rate of our ads increased 50% literally overnight.
Jared Prince, Founder

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