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Kat the Label Customer Story cover image

Kat the Label Customer Story

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$5 increase

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Customer Reviews

Shopping for lingerie is a profoundly personal experience. Beyond finding the right size, consumers search for undergarments that will make them feel comfortable, confident, and sensational. Kate Nixon, founder of Kat the Label, sought to provide such feelings to her customers with her distinguished lingerie brand. Designed to evoke elegant femininity, Kat the Label’s night and daywear sets have garnered a dedicated following of shoppers across North America and Australia.

Kat the Label’s website wasn’t optimized for mobile, which excluded a substantial segment of potential customers. In order to develop a mobile-friendly website that would facilitate a seamless buying experience, eCommerce marketing consultant, Kate Collinson, recommended Kat the Label partner with Okendo to leverage the power of social proof. Using a suite of tools to incentivize review generation at an unprecedented scale, Kat the Label was able to display social proof onsite that attested to its products’ quality and encouraged community discussions, ultimately increasing conversions.

Leveraging the Power of Reviews

Before Kat the Label joined forces with Kate Collinson, the brand’s website didn’t have the capacity to collect or display customer testimonials. Site visitors weren’t immediately convinced the brand was legitimate or sold quality products without this invaluable form of social proof. Once this social proof was included, the brand witnessed a significant uplift in conversion rates and a reduction in abandoned carts, helping scale their business to the next level.

Kat the Label’s site visitors had important questions regarding products’ size, fit, and feel. While the details were included in product descriptions, shoppers didn’t have any insight into how those products might fit them, personally. Adding this insight from customers’ real experiences, which was absent without readily accessible reviews onsite, made shoppers more confident in their purchasing decisions.

Due to a growing reliance on social advertising and consumers' preference for mobile shopping, Kate Collison established the goal of driving stronger conversion rates on mobile over desktop. Kate knew she wanted to leverage a suite of partner apps when redesigning Kat the Label’s storefront, so she thoroughly audited the Shopify ecosystem for an app that would allow the brand to automate the collection and distribution of social proof across their website and greater marketing channels.

Stylized Okendo Reviews widget for Kat the Label

“Our goal was to drive stronger conversion rates through improving the mobile experience and enhancing the customers' experience with increased social proof — weaving UGC and customer reviews into the shopping experience both on and off-site to give the customer greater confidence in purchasing”, explains Kate Collinson.

Being a small team, Kat the Label needed tools that were easy to manage and creative when it came to incentivising customers to leave a review. And since the brand had never solicited reviews before, they were keen to accumulate as many as possible in a short period of time.

Kate eventually decided on Okendo due to its customizable design and range of sophisticated features that would allow them to collect and display reviews at scale.

The Reviews are In

Kat the Label offered 10% coupons for anyone who left a review to build their collection. Once the reviews came flooding in, the brand set up a different structure: no coupon offered after one Review Request Email (RRE), but a desirable discount upon the second. This system kept new testimonials coming in at a steady pace so that feedback did not become too outdated.

“To incentivise reviews, we chose to fully integrate Okendo with our Klaviyo flows for greater segmentation, testing and personalisation of offers based on customer type (new vs returning), as well as fulfil discounts through unique generated codes,” says Kate Nixon.

Review request email for Kat the Label

It didn’t take long for customers to begin sharing testimonials once Okendo’s RRE sequences were in flow. Because purchasing lingerie online can be very hit-or-miss — it’s of the utmost importance to be confident you’re buying a product that fits you well — customers were eager to share their experiences. In fact, customers were surprisingly unabashed about discussing their cup sizes and other intimate details because they knew other women were looking for the same information.

“Everyone opens up so much; it’s become a fun community to be a part of,” Kate Nixon says. “Talking about lingerie online is such a personal thing; it’s like asking your friend, ‘How did this piece fit you?’ I didn’t realize how vital reviews were before, but now that I have the capacity for them, I wouldn’t go back.”

To acquire such content-rich reviews, Kat the Label used Okendo’s Attributes feature to collect customer data and product feedback based on aspects like comfort, quality, and sizing. This practice would help future site visitors determine which customer stories they identify with most to assist their purchasing decisions. And if shoppers had questions about a product they couldn’t find an answer to within existing reviews, they were able to use Okendo’s Q&A feature, allowing Kat the Label to respond to their inquiries directly.

Additionally, the presence of Verified Buyer badges helped boost trust in the brand because they authenticate that real people are going through the same experiences.

“When customers are assured a product’s reviews aren’t fake, they are more likely to make a purchase and leave a review themselves,” explains Kat the Label.

Opportunities for building consumer trust in the brand didn’t end there, though. Kat the Label was able to weave reviews into crucial customer touch points both on and off-site using Okendo’s integrations with Klaviyo and Google Shopping. By including reviews in abandoned cart emails and throughout Google Shopping listings, they were able to increase click-through-rates and drive conversions.

Thanks to Okendo’s customizable review widget, unparalleled email sequences, and intimate attributes feature, Kat the Label has achieved its goal of increasing mobile conversion rates by 8%. In addition, Kat the Label has generated 1,470 reviews in a year since partnering with Okendo and regularly sees a $5 increase in average order value, helping increase the brand’s overall profitability.

Photo of Kate Collinson
“When committing to Okendo, we wanted to ensure we took full advantage of every feature they had to offer. Okendo has helped us take Kat the Label to the next level.
Kate Collinson, Ecommerce Consultant

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