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Trusted by 5,000+ of Shopify's fastest growing brands

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Groove Life Customer Story

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Born in Alaska and now based in Tennessee, Groove Life is an adventure inspired, outdoor lifestyle provider of breathable and flexible rings, watch bands, and belts for those who need equipment to match their active lifestyles. Whether it’s surfing the California coast or roughing the Alaskan wilderness like the brand’s founder, Peter Goodwin, Groove Life customers demand accessories that tackle the toughest challenges without posing safety risks.

Groove Life has long understood the importance of personal connection through communication. It’s a consumer-centric brand that lets the customers do the talking—which is why review generation, social proof, and smart marketing tools are a must. And while Groove Life had no shortage of customers eager to share testimonials, it desired a way to solicit reviews at a greater scale.

To multiply review generation and create engaging marketing campaigns on its SMS channel, Groove life needed to unlock the power of zero-party data. To do so, they used a host of features including coupon distribution, Attribute feedback, and mobile-first review request Sequences. That’s where Okendo’s review generation and Attentive’s SMS marketing enter the picture.

Generate More Reviews with Personalized SMS Marketing

Groove Life already had a strong relationship with the SMS marketing app Attentive, but there wasn't a way to seamlessly send customers review requests using their highly effective SMS channel. To keep established communication streams intact, the brand needed to maximize its use of zero-party data collected with Okendo.

Through conversations with their Okendo Customer Service Manager, Groove Life learned of the integration with Attentive and its capabilities, and was eager to get started as an early adopter. Soon after, they went live with the integration and started seeing results almost immediately.

Groove Life was also impressed with Okendo’s ease of use. Says Roman Haviland, Director of Owned Media at Groove Life:

“Okendo and Attentive have done an incredible job in bringing this integration together. In just two days we saw a 98% increase in review generation compared to the previous week. There’s so much functionality there, the UI is easy to use, and we use the data we’ve collected with it to make all kinds of strategic marketing decisions.”

Groove Life goes out of its way to make customers part of the brand. Personalization and frequent communication are two critical ingredients in Groove Life’s secret marketing sauce, and those key pieces require insight into what shoppers are thinking and feeling. Without either, communication quickly becomes corporate, stale, and sterile. SMS proved itself to be a strategic channel for engaging customers where they’re most reachable — their phones.

“We’ve seen incredible results with SMS,” says Roman. “SMS has been on the rise for a while — it’s helped our response rate grow by 72% so far this year, and we're on target for 100% growth by the end of the year. It just wouldn't make sense to neglect adding review generation to one of our most successful marketing tools.”

With this integration, Groove Life gained the ability to solicit customer reviews via text messages instead of solely relying on email, boosting review generation in just a manner of days. Plus, the brand could now optimize its personalization efforts and execute highly targeted SMS campaigns with zero-party data acquired from customer feedback, giving consumers a deeper, more engaging brand interaction.

Flow in Attentive for Groove Life SMS review request

Putting Zero-party Data to Work

Groove Life uses zero-party data collected through Okendo’s Attributes feature to create smarter, more effective marketing campaigns. This means collecting information on the activities customers are interested in, such as hunting and fishing, hiking, distance running, working out, and more. After gathering this info from Okendo reviews, Groove Life can then segment subscribers more effectively and send relevant SMS messages to consumers based on what gear each activity may require, or on new styles specific audiences may be interested in.

Groove Life also uses zero-party data to inform its advertising strategies. By offering customers a discount off their next purchase in exchange for a review with user generated content, the business quickly secured ROI and repeat business, all because shoppers are more likely to take advantage of rewards when they are notified via SMS. Groove Life later applies information from these reviews to target prospective customers online; Roman mentions that incorporating customer testimonials into ads has dramatically driven their click-through rate and revenue generation.

“We’re excited to continue the communication efforts we’ve implemented this year. SMS goes a long way — especially for incentivizing reviews and UGC — and we have an unmissable opportunity to engage with customers on a more intimate level,” says Roman.

By bolstering SMS campaigns with the help of Okendo’s zero-party data collection, Groove life transformed customer engagement in a way that brings customers directly into the brand, and for Groove life, that’s what doing business is all about.

Photo of Roman Haviland
It's the cleanest display that we've used, and it's by far the fastest operating tool that we've used from a UI standpoint. That makes us happy.”
Roman Haviland, Director of Owned Media

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