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Trusted by 5,000+ of Shopify's fastest growing brands

Grace & Lace Customer Story cover image

Grace & Lace Customer Story


80% increase

in Conversion Rate

Photo review

21% increase

in UGC


25% in email revenue

attributed to Review Request flows

One of Founder Melissa Hinnant’s greatest passions is sewing. Starting with one pair of lacey boot socks in the fall of 2011, Melissa’s passion and skill created a consumer demand that rapidly surpassed what she could handle alone. Her entrepreneurial endeavors ultimately led to what is now Grace and Lace — a full-scale women’s apparel company with hundreds of offered products and a loyal customer community.

Grace and Lace’s customers were already active and engaged, but the brand wanted a way to capture their enthusiasm and display it onsite to provide it with content, zero-party data, and credibility. Grace and Lace was in the market for a new reviews provider, so its agency partner, MuteSix, recommended Okendo, which the brand could use to incentivize reviews and integrate with LoyaltyLion to reward customers for sharing testimonials and UGC. Now, Grace and Lace’s tech stack is fully integrated, facilitating a seamless and almost self-running system between reviews, Klaviyo email flows, and rewards.

Synergizing Reviews, Rewards, and Email Marketing

Grace and Lace understood the value of a robust reward system. Not only is it advantageous for retaining customers and encouraging repeat purchases, it’s convenient for incentivizing reviews and UGC that convert new customers. Reviews and rewards are more effective when they work synergistically, so Grace and Lace needed a way to make both elements more powerful.

“Marketing in the clothing industry has definitely shifted from what it once was. Consumers once wanted to buy into an ideal; today, they are more interested in authenticity. While we believe it’s possible for a brand to be genuine and authentic in its marketing on its own, we have also found that a community of consumers supporting and promoting our products is one of the most powerful marketing tools we have,” says Molly Drees, Channel Coordinator at Grace and Lace.

Rich reviews are a form of word-of-mouth marketing with a wider reach. They’re necessary to include onsite because consumers don’t just want to read that a product is what it says it is; they want assurance it will fit their body types and lifestyles. This kind of information is deeply personal, so Grace and Lace wanted to integrate rewards and reviews as a way of thanking its customers for sharing details about themselves and being part of its brand story.

Said UGC is also an excellent source of zero-party data, so Grace and Lace needed a reviews provider that could transform that data into actionable information for product development and marketing personalization. The brand’s agency partner, MuteSix, recognized the need for Klaviyo to facilitate the latter, which enables advanced A/B testing and email customization. MuteSix knew Okendo offered all three major elements Grace and Lace was looking for: rich reviews and integrations with LoyaltyLion and Klaviyo, as well as several others the brand could use to expand its online presence.

Okendo integration bubbles, including: Google, Klaviyo, and LoyaltyLion

Optimizing Review Generation and Revenue

The first thing Grace and Lace did after launching Okendo was conduct a “lookback” email sequence through Klaviyo. This email flow requested reviews for orders fulfilled a month prior to installation, allowing the brand to capture reviews (and still distribute reward points) from satisfied customers who hadn’t had an opportunity to share their feedback yet. Grace and Lace then continued to use Klaviyo Review Request Emails to solicit testimonials and now boasts an 80% total review conversion rate.

“Okendo’s integration with Klaviyo made the reviews partner a no-brainer for MuteSix when looking to boost Grace and Lace’s email marketing ROI. Combining the appeal of Okendo’s social proof with the value of Klaviyo’s data-backed segmentation has proven to be a winning formula for the apparel brand, which had previously worked with an Okendo competitor. With the Okendo-Klaviyo duo backing our email marketing strategy for Grace and Lace, we’ve been able to build advanced flows and deliver more personalized messaging that have generated results that surpassed even our expectations. In just 90 days, our review-request flows accounted for 25% of email revenue!,” notes Chanel DeVetter, Co-Head of Lifecycle Marketing at MuteSix.

Grace and Lace was also able to successfully build the loyalty scheme it had envisioned. Molly says that the brand’s program is “set up as an integration with Okendo so that each time a customer leaves a review for a product or adds a photo, they automatically receive points in their account, which they can redeem for merchandise or discounts.” The brand generously offers 50 points to shoppers who leave a review and 50 more if it includes a photo or video, which has helped generate over 3,000 testimonials since partnering with Okendo.

Another feature that excited Grace and Lace and MuteSix was Okendo’s Enhanced Review Capture Form. Grace and Lace agreed to be early adopters of the new version of this form, which streamlines the review capture process into a single page, making it easy for customers to share their thoughts and leave zero-party data in a hassle-free way. The simpler the process is, the more reviews a brand can collect. Grace and Lace’s Enhanced Review Capture Form trial has already increased its storefront’s UGC by 21%.

Okendo Recorder 2.0 (Enhanced Review Capture Form) for a Grace & Lace product

Additionally, customer ratings syndicate to Google through Okendo’s Google Shopping integration. Though direct success is difficult to measure, Molly says that displaying star aggregates and reviews on Google has made a significant impact on Grace and Lace’s overall traffic:

“Our organic Google traffic is up 60%, transactions are up 50%, revenue is up 100% and paid Google traffic and transactions are both up 20% — with revenue up 60% when comparing this quarter with the one immediately prior — so we can tell that displaying reviews makes an extremely positive difference for us!”

With a marketing tool suite composed of Okendo, LoyaltyLion, Klaviyo, and Google Shopping — including Okendo’s Enhanced Review Capture Form — and under the strategic guidance of its digital marketing agency, MuteSix, Grace and Lace turned its already passionate audience into one of its biggest assets, increasing its review conversion by as much as 38%.

Stylized Okendo reviews widget for Grace & Lace

Photo of Molly Drees
Okendo’s team was amazing and handled every little detail themselves, from customizing our review widget to matching our onsite branding and setting up Review Request Email flows in Klaviyo. I don’t think it could have been much easier on our team or have gone more smoothly.”
Molly Drees, Channel Coordinator
Grace & Lace

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