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Freshly Picked Customer Story

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In 2009, Susan Petersen couldn’t find baby shoes to fit her son’s chubby feet so she made her own, with scrap leather and an old sewing machine. This marked the humble beginnings of Freshly Picked. Since then, the brand has enjoyed a victorious Shark Tank appearance and now helps millions of parents clothe their new babies in the finest materials.

Freshly Picked thrive on the community that fuels their brand. Word-of-mouth is absolutely crucial for new parents — something that Freshly Picked understands and respects. Through Okendo’s powerful suite of integrations and review displays, they are able to show valuable customer reviews across product lines to educate and engage with their community of new parents.

Fostering a loyal community of new parents

Freshly Picked have created a loyal fanbase of parents all over the world. From a wholesome backstory that began in one new mother’s kitchen to its exciting Shark Tank experience, the brand has experienced one rollercoaster of a journey.

Today, it is one of the most-loved baby clothes brands in the world. For Freshly Picked, community is everything. It’s unlikely that the mom and baby brand would be where it is today without the ferociously loyal backing of its customers.

“A lot of people rely on word-of-mouth recommendations in the mom and baby space, especially if they’re coming into it new, like a first-time parent,” explains Mike Woodland, Freshly Picked’s Digital Acquisition Manager.

Freshly Picked were keen to showcase their loyal band of followers through well-placed reviews. But it wasn’t enough to just throw them up on product pages and hope for the best.

They wanted to display their customers’ experiences in a fluid and intuitive way that allowed future buyers to engage with them. Previous review tools didn’t offer these capabilities, so it was a no-brainer for Freshly Picked to choose Okendo.

Thanks to Okendo’s aesthetic reviews and powerful integration with Foursixty, Freshly Picked were quickly able to populate their site with encouraging reviews and incorporate user-generated content from their loyal customer base.

“We’re using the Foursixty integration for social feed curation. We also go through and tag the products that people are featuring in their pictures to expand our reach and build on the community,” says Mike.

The reviews are particularly key for attracting new parents. It’s unlikely that parents-to-be are familiar with a lot of baby brands, so Freshly Picked used Okendo to put anxious minds at ease with friendly and educational reviews.

“Being able to capture reviews and disperse them to new moms has been really good for us. Just building this community space where moms can come together and learn about the best products for their babies has been amazing,” says Mike.

Review for a product from 'Freshly Picked' using Okendo Reviews

Creating products their community loves

Freshly Picked’s customer base is so integral to the brand’s success, they’re even involved in the product development process. Through reviews, the development team are able to identify any potential areas for improvement and glean valuable feedback, whether it’s how the moccasin prints wear over time or how much buyers like the diaper bag straps.

For Freshly Picked, the combination of creating a community-powered review portal complete with engaging user-generated content, and the ease of use, has made for a thoroughly enjoyable experience.

"I was super impressed with the onboarding process. It felt like Okendo were really taking it in their own hands to make sure we were taken care of,” explains Mike.

They are now able to quickly reject and approve reviews and tie together product types so reviews can be displayed across different product colors and variants. The QA feature now gets directed to the customer service team who can reply to answer key questions people are leaving. This creates a slick support system and ensures loyal customers remain satisfied with their Freshly Picked experience.

View of 'Freshly Picked' product with Okendo Reviews star rating snippet

Photo of Mike Woodland
We are really excited about using the integrations Okendo offers. Being able to engage with our community is a really big deal and it was a huge competitive advantage for Okendo when we were exploring our options.”
Mike Woodland, Digital Acquisition Manager

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