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Trusted by 5,000+ of Shopify's fastest growing brands

Flamingo Estate Customer Story cover image

Flamingo Estate Customer Story

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$11 increase

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4,673% increase

in Review Generation

In the early 1940s, a pair of determined entrepreneurs arrived in California to build their vision of an earthly paradise high in the hills above Los Angeles. The flamingo-pink house became a hedonistic enclave, hidden by a lush orchard and dense garden. Now, in the spirit of its origins, Flamingo Estate offers nourishing botanicals and provisions from a diverse ecosystem of makers and growers. Together they cultivate pleasure from the Garden, while living lightly on the Earth.

Flamingo Estate knew that building trust around their new product line was crucial — particularly since the apothecary and beauty industries are thick with competition. By tapping into Okendo’s range of powerful features, they were able to collect and display reviews beautifully, while increasing their bottom line. The tool’s filter feature, coupon offers, and the ability to add media to reviews bumped up their average order value, increased conversions, and built a community of trust around the brand.

Trust is everything in a saturated industry

Trying to make waves in a saturated industry is never easy. The apothecary and beauty sector were fit to burst when Flamingo Estate arrived on the scene, but their unique and varied product line sparked an influx in sales.

The brand was growing so quickly that the internal digital infrastructure wasn’t able to keep up, nor were the staff. The Flamingo Estate team turned to Pacific IQ, their ecommerce and digital marketing agency, to help build upon the momentum.

Pacific IQ was tasked with developing a fresh site design into Flamingo Estate’s new Shopify Plus storefront to capture consumers' growing interest in the brand.

“We became almost integrated into their team, giving them support in the areas that they didn't have the capacity to handle internally. This included the build out of extensive email automations using Klaviyo, SMS automations using Attentive and reviews implementation using Okendo,” says Bess Kennedy, Flamingo Estate’s Partner at Pacific IQ

With a collection of new products about to hit their store, the Pacific IQ team needed a slick way to introduce them to the brand’s past and existing customers. Take the new range of seasonal honey, for example. A lot of people aren’t aware of its benefits or even what its purpose is, but reviews work to build interest and knowledge in the product which helps generate sales.

“We were growing and adding a large amount of products to our offering and needed to do a lot of education around these. We also wanted to build brand credibility through word-of-mouth,” explains John.

Flamingo Estate were keen to build a strong brand community that would insinuate trust and credibility in their products to other shoppers. When consumers see product listings with plenty of high star ratings and reviews, it gives them the confidence they need to change brands and invest in something new.

“People typically have their trusted shampoos and conditioners already. We were looking for a way to build trust in our products, and Okendo provided the perfect opportunity,” says John Peralta, Flamingo Estate’s Marketing Manager.

Product page for Flamingo Estate

Reviews had been on the Flamingo Estate’s radar for a while, but avoided implementing them due to the sensitive aesthetic of the site. The Flamingo Estate team didn’t want to jeopardize their design by adding an unbranded review widget, so the Pacific IQ team recommended Okendo.

Thanks to Okendo’s robust collection of features and customizations, Pacific IQ was able to implement reviews on Flamingo Estate’s site to power trust, sales, and loyalty while maintaining a beautiful, branded aesthetic.

Unlocking Okendo’s trust-building features

In order to begin building trust and loyalty with new customers, Flamingo Estate needed to ramp up their collection of customer reviews to display onsite.

Flamingo Estate used Okendo’s sequences feature to accelerate review generation by sending out perfectly timed and branded review request emails to previous buyers. The team was able to set a 10-day wait period after an order was fulfilled to ensure customers had enough time to receive and enjoy the benefits of each product purchased.

“Being able to collect and display social proof shows new customers that we’re trustworthy and that we have great products too,” says John.

When it came time for customers to leave a review, Flamingo Estate was able to ask their customers specific product and customer attributes that would help future customers make a more confident purchasing decision. For example, when asking customers to review their Adriatic Muscatel Sage Candle, customers could rate the scent and burn time of the candle on a scale of 1 to 5. They even had the opportunity to ask customers where the product was best used in their home, whether the bathroom, bedroom, or living room area.

“After someone makes a purchase, there’s no real test or proof of how they use the product, so Okendo’s review capabilities and the ability to add media to ratings was a great checking point,” says John.

Okendo review capture page for Flamingo Estate

Using Okendo’s coupon feature, Flamingo Estate rewarded customers who left a review with a 10% discount on their next purchase. Not only did this support review generation, but it encouraged customers to come back and shop again, building loyalty and trust between consumer and brand.

Since implementing Okendo and its powerful review-capture system, the team has experienced an uptick in the number of reviews collected which has been used to populate product pages to encourage purchases. Flamingo Estate’s customers are now able to learn more about the benefits of each product and have their taste and smells be brought to life through the descriptive statements of customer reviews.

And thanks to Okendo’s ability to customize and brand review widget designs, Flamingo Estate has kept their visuals on-brand and minimalist while providing UGC that inspires buyer confidence and conversions.

"We were able to display reviews in the cleanest way and the implementation made it really seamless. That was a huge bonus, because it looks great,” explains John.

Stylistic representation of Okendo Reviews for Flamingo Estate

As a result, Flamingo Estate has been able to benefit from the combination of trust-building features Okendo offers to experience an increase in total cart value of each order, increased conversions, and a loyal brand community.

Photo of John Peralta
“Okendo has been a great tool for us to use internally to understand how people are responding to our products and has allowed us to demonstrate our products' value.”
John Peralta, Marketing Manager

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