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Trusted by 5,000+ of Shopify's fastest growing brands

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Boody Customer Story


268% increase

in Conversion Rate

Stack of coins

5% increase

in Average Order Value


34,594+ extra

All-Time Global Reviews

Boody wants its customers to feel good about their purchases — not just about the way they feel while wearing the brand’s athleisure, activewear, loungewear, and more, but also about knowing their garments are made from sustainable materials. Sustainability is Boody’s core mission: all of its clothing is made from pesticide-free bamboo viscose grown with rainwater. The brand isn’t concerned with fads and trends that result in excess waste; instead, it prioritizes simpler wardrobes that support customers throughout their everyday lives.

Boody experienced tremendous success in its home country of Australia. The demand for sustainable fabrics was high, so the brand saw an opportunity to expand worldwide. To do this, Boody understood the necessity of social proof to build a global community and connect with customers in new territories without having to start from scratch. However, Boody needed extra assistance scaling, and its previous reviews provider didn’t meet its expectations. The brand sought the help of elite Shopify agency, Elephant Room, to facilitate its expansion, and Okendo to accelerate onsite social proof generation, ultimately helping Boody launch successfully in 15+ countries.

Expanding to Other Corners of the World via Social Proof

Boody witnessed rapid growth once it launched in 2018. After migrating from its original reviews provider (but before its global expansion), the brand took advantage of Okendo’s Attributes feature to collect customer feedback based on categories including comfort, sizing, and quality, as well as customer attributes such as age, body type, and height. Displaying this data onsite informs shoppers’ decision-making and enables them to locate pieces of social proof that are most relevant to them.

Boody also leveraged Okendo’s LoyaltyLion integration to incentivize customers to leave reviews through its branded loyalty program, The Goodness Corner. By offering “Comfort Coins” to verified customers in exchange for testimonials with UGC, Boody was able to increase its review generation rate and encourage second purchases dramatically.

Adam Sharon Zipser, Managing Director at Elephant Room, notes the importance of soliciting reviews that include photos and videos:

“Boody is an eco-sustainable brand, so its product turnover is extremely low. It’s our priority to capture a solid review base for individual SKUs because products are on sale for a long time. If customers are uploading UGC and sharing the love, so to speak, that’s exactly what we need for shoppers to know Boody has a community of trustworthy loyalists.

Once Boody had firmly established a community in Australia, it was ready for Elephant Room to assist in leveraging the reviews it had already collected to enter international markets. Disseminating testimonials across territories was practical because if shoppers were to discover a newly-launched Boody storefront without reviews, they might be skeptical due to a suspicious lack of visible customer engagement. However, if they were to see positive reviews from customers — regardless of what country they came from — they would be reassured that the brand is legitimate and its products are worth investing in.

Boody’s goal was now to do the same kind of community-building it had done in Australia on a global scale. With Elephant Room and Okendo syndicating its store’s codebase and reviews worldwide, Boody has since launched in regions including New Zealand, the US, the UK, South Africa, Canada, and Europe.

Reviews for Boody products using Okendo Reviews

Growing a United Worldwide Audience with UGC

One of Boody’s core values is creating products for everyone. It doesn’t cater to consumers with a specific “model” look. Shoppers encounter countless brands that do, though, so to prove its authenticity, Elephant Room didn't underestimate the impact of UGC.

Being a global brand capable of harvesting and harnessing UGC from a global community is exciting because you can showcase a wide range of customers,” Adam says. “It’s endearing for Boody and Elephant Room to see consumers using the products around the world, from Asia to Scandinavia. UGC is one of the biggest assets Boody is building right now because it lasts forever. You can shoot an incredible product video today, but it won’t be relevant in five years. UGC doesn’t expire.”

Shoppers can see examples of real customers wearing Boody’s apparel when rich media is easily accessible. Photographic evidence attests that Boody isn’t seeking a particular style, which is essential for ensuring no one feels left out of the community. Plus, UGC is particularly crucial when building a global audience because it excels where written testimonials are limited. Linguistic differences between cultures can confuse customers, such as “tights” and “leggings'' referring to the same product in the US and Australia, respectively, but images encourage shopper confidence that the garment they are considering purchasing is the same one a customer from a different country is already excited about.

Additionally, Elephant Room appreciates the convenience of an integrated tech stack. Boody takes advantage of multiple Okendo partner integrations to collect consumer feedback, which it then uses to optimize its business management and customer experiences.

What begins as a potential marketing tool actually becomes a research tool because Okendo facilitates a harmonious loop of knowledge between several bespoke platforms. Boody uses this integrated ecosystem to manage negative reviews through Gorgias, display Attributes on the front end, incentivize loyalty through LoyaltyLion, and leverage UGC throughout the customer journey. This loop enables Elephant Room to help them calculate their impact gap and understand the brand’s customers more profoundly,” Adam explains.

With content-rich reviews in place, Boody can connect with new shoppers without having to build a new base of social proof in any new market it enters. In turn, these shoppers make a purchase, share Attribute feedback, and make a repeat purchase after earning Comfort Coins. Boody and Elephant Room have used Okendo’s various features to generate 32,435 reviews around the world, resulting in a 268% relative increase in conversion rate and an 5% relative increase in AOV.

Photo of Adam Sharon-Zipser
One of the best things about Okendo is that it creates a self-fulfilling prophecy that feeds our clients’ customer service team and offers front end support, which makes life much easier from a partner and brand perspective.”
Adam Sharon-Zipser, Managing Director at Elephant Room

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