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Trusted by 5,000+ of Shopify's fastest growing brands

Beginning Boutique Customer Story cover image

Beginning Boutique Customer Story

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37% increase

in Review Request Click Rate


109% increase

in Review Rate from Email

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53% increase

in Coupon Code Redemptions

Beginning Boutique is the go-to online store for the absolute latest trends in women’s fashion. With exclusive ranges that won’t be found anywhere else, including the latest and hottest festival wear, glamorous formal wear for proms, outfits to party in, the latest swim styles, plus stylish everyday wear, BB will have you covered regardless of the occasion.

Beginning Boutique were ready to ramp up their review efforts. They knew the positive impact UGC-led reviews had on sales and were eager to reward their loyal customers for sharing their experiences. Using the Klaviyo-Okendo integration, ecommerce marketing agency Andzen was able to design an automated review strategy that not only increased the number of reviews, but the quality of them too.

Ramping up high-quality reviews with rewards and incentives

Beginning Boutique was previously running with a single flow email sequence encouraging buyers to leave a post-purchase review. However, the brand wanted to ramp up its efforts to not only increase the number of reviews on its site, but increase their quality too. The team knew that customer stories are big influencers on future buyers, and they wanted in on that action.

“We love that Okendo lets us push reviews onto multiple products and helps us create nice review sections on the website. The optimization capabilities of the attributes and information that you get back from a customer when they place a review are really powerful, too” explains Kim Williams, Beginning Boutique’s Chief Marketing Officer.

No two customers are the same, and Beginning Boutique wanted to celebrate that. The Klaviyo integration allowed the brand to create email flows triggered by customer behavior. This leveraged Klaviyo's powerful features to create unique journeys for each and every customer based on their interactions and loyalty to the brand.

“We were really looking into consolidating photo and video reviews, but we also wanted to see if we could get a little bit more information from our customers via their reviews”, says Kim.

Review for an Beginning Boutique product using Okendo Reviews

Andzen’s strategy for Beginning Boutique consisted of three separate automations which all have the same focus: to increase the number of reviews onsite, to generate an influx of high-quality reviews with images, and to drive more sales.

“We find so much value in Okendo’s ability to easily manipulate the attributes and determine how much data we're getting from a customer. It allows us to set up different review metrics for different categories. For example, someone buying a top doesn't really need to tell us what their sizing is on the bottom half, so we can tailor the metrics and attribution section to ensure that we’re only asking for the most relevant information,” says Kim.

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Capturing customer data to create highly personalized customer journeys

The first flow encouraged customers who had placed an order to leave a review in exchange for a 10% discount for a text review and 15% off for a visual review. Split into two pathways — one for newcomers and one for returning buyers — the flow split-tested messaging platforms and subject lines to see which performed best over a series of eight emails.

Beginning Boutique's new review strategy also includes a second automation that follows on from the first. This journey acts as a review incentive reminder. The aim is to encourage customers who have left a review and received their incentive to claim their next purchase before time runs out.

This flow kicks off as soon as a customer places an order. After a split triggered by whether the review was positive or negative, the customer receives a variation of a thank you email based on their relationship with the brand (a less-than-four-star review specifically invites feedback). During this flow, customers that placed a text-only review are encouraged to upgrade to a visual review to claim their 15% discount.

“The Okendo-Klaviyo integration means we can set up a flow really easily for every single touchpoint. The branding, review invites, and nudges from Okendo combined with Klaviyo’s capabilities lets us create really sophisticated flows”, explains Kim.

The final flow is for customers that have left multiple reviews. This automation rewards Beginning Boutique’s most loyal fans — those who have submitted three or more reviews — with the rewards increasing along with the number of reviews.

“What Okendo has done with this integration is set a new standard for how we create a true two-way relationship with customers. By collecting their feedback, with the context of how and why they use products, we’re able to build a true picture of each customer and provide them with experiences tailored to them. This combines to create a better experience, closer relationship and higher LTV for all customers”, explains Jason Anderson, General Manager at Andzen.

Through the Klaviyo-Okendo integration, Andzen has been able to increase the number and quality of reviews on Beginning Boutique’s website and drive more sales through timely incentives. Customers are taken on their own personalized journey and loyal buyers are rewarded. This strengthens the brand-buyer relationship and encourages future purchases through powerful user-generated content.

View of Beginning Boutique product with Okendo Reviews star rating snippet

Photo of Kim Williams
“The Okendo-Klaviyo integration has been very simple to use and it’s opening up a window to an even broader use case. We’re really excited to see where it goes.
Kim Williams, Chief Marketing Officer

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