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Trusted by 5,000+ of Shopify's fastest growing brands

Ballsy Customer Story cover image

Ballsy Customer Story


28% increase

in Conversion Rate


1.4 seconds

Page Load Speed
(down from 15.8s)


50% lower

(Compared to Competitors)

Skincare brand Ballsy creates natural personal care products for men’s most prized possessions. After squeezing yet another low quality, $4 drugstore body wash into his hand, founder Adam Hendle decided enough was enough, he and men alike deserved better products for their bodies. Through a combination of natural ingredients and activated charcoal, Ballsy has created a line of products inspired by their growing community and loyal customers.

Switching to a headless progressive web app (PWA) was a game-changer for Ballsy. Laggy site speeds were no longer an issue, but they needed to ramp up their social proof. By tapping into the Nacelle-Okendo integration, Ballsy was able to generate a consistent flow of UGC for their site while maintaining optimal page speed performance to drive conversions.

Combining headless commerce with a powerful review system

Ballsy has quickly become one of the fastest-growing DTC brands on Shopify Plus. To build upon their momentum, the Ballsy team implemented a number of strategic apps and JavaScript widgets. Unfortunately, these integrations increased latency and slowed page-to-page load speeds.

A Google Lighthouse Audit placed Ballsy at 13 out of 100, with a load time of 15.8 seconds on desktop. Given that high latency negatively impacts conversion rates, Ballsy knew they needed a faster loading storefront to improve the ROI and the shopping experience, which led them to headless commerce platform Nacelle to power their new headless PWA.

Nacelle allowed Ballsy to drastically improve their site speed while also working with their current tech stack. However, Ballsy was in the market for a new review solution that would offer them limitless customization, maximum review generation, and optimal review widget load speed, to heighten their current performance.

Using the integration between Nacelle and Okendo, Ballsy was able to boost their number of reviews and increase conversions through a superfast site packed full of juicy social proof. For Ballsy, working with Okendo in a headless commerce ecosystem was a power move.

“The Okendo widgets work well in a headless build because the module allows you to easily embed the script and CSS into the built code instead of requiring an additional request on page load. Okendo really exceeds our expectations when it comes to Nacelle partner integrations,” says Jonathan Geyer, Senior Developer at Nacelle.

Review for a Ballsy product using Okendo Reviews

Creating a slick user experience

Ballsy is a customer-driven brand with buyers that have a lot of unique questions. They want to know more about the scent of products, what the products feel like, and whether they’re good value for the cost. Using Okendo’s attributes, they were able to dive deep into customer and product insights to deliver an experience that meets their shoppers needs.

"We are able to tie the reviews more cleanly back to each customer, which helps us in terms of following up and understanding more about our buyers in general,” explains Adam.

By asking vital questions to customers about their purchase during the review capture phase, Ballsy has been able to display product insights on relevant product pages to reduce buyer hesitation and drive sales. For a brand that relies heavily on word-of-mouth and recommendations, this has been absolutely crucial.

“I was really impressed with the visual way reviews are displayed for customers. It just felt a lot more custom,” explains Adam Hendle, Ballsy’s Founder.

By using Okendo, Ballsy has been able to maximize review generation — especially evident when comparing results from their previous provider. With the review capture feature, they’re able to incentivize customers, which has led to more people submitting photos and videos than ever before.

“We have definitely seen an increase in the amount of UGC content submitted. I think we've seen more UGC content since we've launched in the last two months than in the entire time we’ve been in business,” says Adam.

With Nacelle and Okendo working in tandem, Ballsy has created a community-inspired store that is fast and full of social proof. Load time is much quicker and their product page performance score is optimal. Creating a customer experience that’s proactive and enjoyable was key for Ballsy, and Nacelle’s headless commerce platform combined with compelling UGC captured through Okendo has enabled them to do this.

View of Ballsy product with Okendo Reviews star rating snippet

Photo of Adam Hendle
“Nacelle helps us improve our page load speed and Okendo helps maintain it with fast loading review widgets.”
Adam Hendle, Founder

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