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Customer Stories

Learn how these forward-thinking retailers use Okendo Reviews to power their customer content marketing and see the results they have achieved.

Ben Katzaman, Founder of Wanderer Bracelets


"Okendo makes everything work seamlessly and they’re a great team behind the scenes. I have personally recommended Okendo to a lot of brands, we’re stoked to work with their team."
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Born Primitive

"The setup process with Okendo and Foursixty took a day, which was insane. When we were thinking about moving to a new platform, we thought our reviews would be down for two weeks or more because there would be so much coding on the backend."
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Wanderer Bracelets

"Every interaction we’ve had with Okendo has been professional and they went above and beyond to make it smooth and simple. It was one of the easiest app onboards we’ve ever had. It didn’t require a lot of additional team time to get it set up and it wasn’t a multi-week setup like some other review apps."
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"Okendo Reviews is a great platform that focuses on the important features an ecommerce business needs, without the crazy prices and upselling pressure that I have experienced with competitors such as Yotpo."
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Perfect Sculpt

"We were pleased to see Okendo counts many other notable, high-volume Shopify Plus retailers as customers and these retailers could vouch for Okendo’s enterprise level capabilities"
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Scotch Porter

"It was immediately clear to us that reviews generated by Okendo were going to contain much more insight into our customers and their product experiences"
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"We selected Okendo on the basis that it had the both the functionality we were looking and the high standard of customer support we wanted"
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Paul Evans

"Giving past customers the ability to share photos and videos was a super important part of our community strategy as it ensures shoppers can see that our shoes really do look as awesome in real life as they do in the high quality product photos they see on our website"
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"We chose to partner with Okendo really for three main reasons; the amount of rich content customers could provide with their review, how easy it was to publish this content on our site in a way that looked great and because of the outstanding service and responsiveness we experienced from the Okendo team during our trial period"
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Lighthouse Clothing

"Okendo made it easy for us to say, ‘yes’. They provided a preview of how Okendo would look on our new site, a free of charge set-up and migration service which was completed in less than 24-hours and then a 30-day free trial so we could actually assess the performance of the platform before signing on the dotted line."
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Oasis Beauty

"Providing customers the ability to share their product experiences and participate in a broader customer community has proven an excellent way of connecting and engaging with our customers on a deeper, more meaningful level"
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Radha Beauty

"Okendo explained how not only would we be able to import all of our existing reviews into Okendo, but that they would perform the full migration service within just 24 hours. I could hardly believe it!"
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Graydon Skincare

"We can now capture really valuable insights into who our customers are such as ‘Age’, ‘Skin Type’, ‘Skin Concerns’... this is such powerful information, both for us and for our shoppers."
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"Right from the beginning our experience with Okendo has been outstanding. The team is super responsive and willing to work with us to ensure our deployment is continually inline with our requirements"
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"Okendo Reviews enabled us to scale our customer content to new heights, both in terms of quantity and quality. "
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"We previously had little insight into who our online customers were, what their needs and characteristics are and what their experiences with our products were like."
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Silk Laundry

"The Okendo Reviews system allows our customers to add personalised information to their reviews leading to greater trust within the Silk Laundry brand."
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Adventure Hunt

"We've been blown away at how effective Okendo Reviews has been at super-charging our customer content strategies."
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Country Chic Paint

"Okendo has been fantastic! We are really happy with the improvements it has brought to our customer reviews."
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Leaves of Trees

"We couldn’t be happier! We successfully modernized our customer review process to provide shoppers with more useful information about customers and their experiences with Leaves of Trees products."
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