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Trusted by 4,000+ of Shopify's fastest growing brands

New Integration: Okendo & cover image

New Integration: Okendo &

Okendo’s new integration is now available to help merchants convert those newly acquired customers from BFCM into loyal, repeat customers.

Reward Reviewers With Store Credit

Okendo is now integrated with, the leading provider of gift card and store credit solutions for fast-growing Shopify merchants.

Now available to all Okendo users, the integration enables Shopify merchants to reward customers who submit reviews with store credit.

Combining an invitation to share reviews and UGC about a latest purchase with a store credit incentive is an excellent way to engage with new customers, generate more reviews and increase repeat purchase rates.

In fact, offering store credit as a reward for customers completing certain actions has been found to be particularly effective with research from suggesting more than 70% of consumers prefer store rewards in the form of cash.

$50 store credit offered through after customer review posted through Okendo

How it Works

Using the integration, merchants can choose to offer store credit as an incentive for leaving reviews and as an alternative to Okendo’s other reward options such as coupons or loyalty points.

The store credit issued by is extensively configurable and includes the option for merchants to define parameters such as:

  • The dollar value
  • The expiry date
  • Products which the gift can and can not be used for

As with all Okendo reward types, merchants can also choose to configure different reward values for completion of specific actions within the review submission process, such as:

  • Submitting a review
  • Adding profile picture
  • Adding a photo
  • Adding a video

This means customers can earn more store credit for including UGC with their review.

Tiered review rewards of this sort are a proven way of increasing the overall volume of user-generated content generated with reviews.

That’s important given reviews with UGC have a higher impact on shopper engagement and product page conversion rate vs those that do not.

Photo of Ari Yahalom
78% of customers prefer to receive their incentives and rewards as cash. By rewarding customers for leaving reviews with store credit, we’re allowing merchants to grow their online business through increased sales and long-term loyalty.”
Ari Yahalom, Vice President Of Product

Okendo &

Okendo’s new integration with is now available for all users. Rewarding customers for leaving reviews with gift cards and store credit is an excellent way to both accelerate review and UGC generation while also engaging first time customers and driving repeat purchases.

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Trusted by 4,000+ of Shopify's fastest growing brands

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